Barossa Distilling Company releases first whisky

Barossa Distilling Company has released its inaugural whisky called Gallus, a six-year-old Single Malt. It is a limited release, with only 700 bottles produced and just 250 available for purchase from September 18.

Gallus has already been awarded Silver Medals at the Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards for taste and design earlier this year and earned a glowing review from Oz Whisky Review.

“One of the more polished first release Australian single malts I’ve come across in recent times,” said Editor Luke McCarthy.

Barossa Distilling Founder and Managing Director Neil Bullock said: “As we know, great whisky is made all over the world. Scotland, Ireland, the US, Japan, Taiwan, India, to name a few, and of course, Australia.

“The plan has always been to produce our own; it just took us a while to get there. We are incredibly passionate about whisky, and in time, we aim to make it a spirit the Barossa region becomes known for alongside its globally acclaimed wines.”

The name Gallus comes from a Scot’s word of debatable origin and multiple meanings: bold, daring, cheeky and in Glasgow specifically, stylish and impressive, everything the distillery wanted this whisky to be.

Barossa Distilling’s Gallus Australian Single Malt Whisky was distilled from Pilsner malt in a 900-litre copper pot still in January 2017. The spirit was matured in the Barossa Valley micro-climate for over 6 years, initially in 100-litre locally rejuvenated and re-charred ex-Bourbon/Tawny Casks.

It was then finished for 12 months in a Saury French Oak, medium toast Muscat cask, sourced from a local Barossa winery.

The distillery describes Gallus has having an enticing golden amber spirit that carries lovely cereal on the nose with notes of
caramel and honey. It has a complex body with cacao, tobacco leaf and oak characters, and very long with superb lingering spice.

Gallus is priced at $298 for 500ml and has a 48.3% ABV.

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