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Gonzo Vino releases grown-up goon range

Sommelier-born wine brand Gonzo Vino has launched boxed wines with playful names like Boomer Juice, Splishy Splashy and Get a Grip.

Founded in 2018 by Sommelier Marcus Radny, Gonzo Vino is on a mission to make cask wine cool again. It eschews environmentally damaging, heavy glass bottles to deliver high-quality wine in eco-friendly packaging, channelling the 60’s, with psychedelically eclectic designs by Melbourne designer Jim Grimwade.

Working with vineyards across South Australia, Gonzo Vino focuses on unique Mediterranean varieties that are sustainably grown and packaged to reduce their carbon footprint.

Expect chillable reds like tinta barocca, named “Splishy Splashy”, a real outlier variety that is one of Gonzo Vino’s most sought after wines. The rich and plummy wine with dusty, soft tannin that can be enjoyed chilled straight from the fridge.

The Italian variety vermentino in “Get A Grip” has flavours apricot creamsicle, ginger spice and lemongrass and is described as the perfect accompaniment for a summer seafood feast or Italian long lunch with friends.

“Boomer Juice” is a modern style Cabernet Sauvignon with less of the richness and power one might expect, instead bringing freshness and lightness behind the herby spice line.

Radney said the beauty of Gonzo Vino is that once opened you can drink it across six to eight weeks, without worrying about the wine oxidising within days like it would in a glass bottle.

“The truth is, the bag in the box style is by far the most climate-friendly and cost-effective method. It’s also far less fragile and easier to transport. It’s a game changer for occasional drinkers and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts given its portability,” he said.

Radny added that the major challenge in making cask cool again, largely stems from its humble lowbrow history.

“Cask wine has had a bad rep for a long time, mainly due to the perception that it’s still about large volumes of cheap wine with no personality,” he said.

“90% of wine produced globally is consumed within a year. Cask wine isn’t made to be cellared, it’s made to be drunk and enjoyed. While you can still bag the baby boomers for many things, bagged wine is no longer one of them”.

Head to to learn more about the brand. 3L Gonzo Casks have an RRP of $66.

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