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VB adds nicknames to its stubbies

Victoria Bitter has brewed up a new limited-edition stubby range featuring 60 nicknames inspired by worksites and offices.

According to VB, worksites are where nicknames are not just given, they’re earned. Whether that’s Muscles, Spud,
G.O.A.T. or that one friend with Tickets on themselves, chances are you’ll find the nickname in specially marked cases across national retailers.

They rightly reckon every office has a Sensor Light (only starts working when someone walks past) and most definitely there’s always a bloke with Tickets on himself.

CUB Head of Classic Beer Brands Sarah Wilcox (AKA Boss) said: “VB is raising a toast to the unique way Aussies speak, drink and celebrate with our mates.

“To earn a nickname is to cement your status on the worksite. Thanks to VB, we’re now immortalising the Aussie tradie banter to make hard work feel lighter.”

The limited-edition nicknames list

Can’t find your nickname in the pack? Personalise your stubby here.

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