Celebrate Gin Week with a Green Ant Martini

Seven Seasons is celebrating Australian Gin week by teaming up with Barangaroo House’s Rekōdo Restaurant &
Vinyl Bar to introduce its Green Ant Gin Martini.

Australian Gin week runs from Monday 14 November to Sunday 20 November, with the Green Ant Gin collaboration launching on November 15.

From November 15 to December 14 guests can experience the Green Ant Gin Martini menu at Rekōdo. Award-winning bartender Jai Lyons will bring the Green Ant Martini to life, while Solotel’s head chef, Michael Dabbs has created a bespoke menu tailored to pair with the cocktail, including a $14 Steak tartare temaki with koji, finger lime dressing and a green ant garnish.

Rekōdo Green Ant Martini

50ml Seven Seasons Green Ant Gin
15ml Noily pratt
10ml Chamomile And Lemon Myrtle cordial
2.5ml Pepperberry tincture

Method: Put all Ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir. Once stirred down strain into a nick and nora glass. Garnish with a makrut lime leaf and green ants.

Harvested on Larrakia country

Founded by former AFL legend and indigenous food entrepreneur Daniel Motlop, Seven Seasons anchors on the seven seasons of Larrakia county (the Darwin region). Guided by nature’s clock and respecting the lore of the land, the brand harvests authentic, Australian native ingredients through sustainable practices before transforming them into unique spirits.

Standing at the heart of the collaboration is the Green Ant Gin – a spirit that showcases green ants, a traditional food of Darwin’s Larrakia people. Harvested during the Windy Season, green ants exude vibrant flavours of coriander and lime, delivering a burst of citrus on the palate with each sip.

Approved for sustainable harvesting by both the government and Traditional Owners of the land, Seven Seasons wild
harvests more than three tonnes of native ingredients annually. By employing local harvesters and creating a market for these native ingredients, the brand has successfully generated sustainable jobs for Aboriginal people with money flowing back to support communities, and has helped create small business enterprises.

The Green Ant Gin Martini will also be on the menu at 50 Australian venues for Australian Gin Week, each putting their own twist on the cocktail.

Green Ant Martini venues

● Cumberland/Manly Group
● Harbord Hotel
● Margaret
● West Hotels
● Hive Bar

● Aru
● Sunda
● Bomba
● Union Electric
● Vue de Monde / Lui Bar
● Black Kite Commune/Gin Palace
● Mabu Mabu
● Punch Lane Wine Bar
● Flint
● Navi

● Purple Palm
● Cassa Chow
● Sasso Italiano
● Rosellas Bar
● Fig and Frankies
● Botany Newstead
● Tokyo Doll Byron Bay
● Dalegty Public House

● Fleet Street Social
● Junipers
● 55ml
● Bar Lune
● Howling Owl
● Dolly
● Sofitel
● Bowden Cellars
● Sideways Liquor
● Something Wild

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