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Glen Moray releases Shiraz Finish whisky

Glen Moray Double Cask Shiraz Finish has arrived in Australia, filled with notes of strawberries, roses and undertones of oak.

Glen Moray has been exploring how wood can influence whisky’s taste since 1897. Records show that the distillery’s founders aged their spirit in an astonishing array of casks. Their experimental ways still inspire Glen Moray’s craftsmen in Speyside to this day. With its wide array of inviting single malts, the Explorer Range shares Glen Moray’s passion for exploring different casks, so that all kinds of whisky drinkers can discover their favourite flavours.

Double Cask Shiraz Finish is the newest addition in Glen Moray’s Explorer range. Aged first in bourbon barrels for classic notes of vanilla and citrus, the single malt is then finished in Shiraz casks for almost two years, to gain floral, fruity flavours. The result is a whisky with aromas of rose petals and red fruits, leading into tastes of strawberries, creamy toffee, soft oak and spice.

Glen Moray Brand Ambassador Iain Allan said: “At Glen Moray we are passionate about experimenting with different cask types, to bring more tastes to drinkers – and that is what our Explorer range is all about. Whether drinkers are new to whisky or already connoisseurs, Glen Moray Double Cask Shiraz Finish is sure to delight, with its notes of strawberries and flowers, and undertones of oak.

Glen Moray Double Cask Shiraz Finish is available to purchase from Dan Murphy’s for $59.99. 

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