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Blackhearts & Sparrows releases alcoholic seltzer

‘Ray has teamed up with independent Melbourne wine store Blackhearts & Sparrows to to create a limited-edition grapefruit alcoholic seltzer. 

‘Ray, which officially hit the shelves in Victoria in August, is from the team behind craft brewery Hop Nation. The first three flavours from the range are lemon & lime, watermelon & mint and peach, and now grapefruit will join the expanding ‘Ray family.  

Ray seltzer

“Coming out of the other side of a lengthy lockdown, we’re excited to bring something bright and  fun to life with help from Blackhearts,” said Duncan Gibson, co-owner of ‘Ray and Hop Nation. 

“We have a long-standing relationship with Blackhearts and have partnered in the past,” added Sam Hambour, co-owner of ‘Ray and Hop Nation. 

“As they’re a key player in supporting and promoting independent beer and wine, it was only a matter of time  before we created something togethe.r”

The alcoholic seltzer has no added sugar, natural flavouring and only 88 calories per can. 

“Initially I was drawn to the ‘Ray range as its brewed and not an RTD so it has more depth of flavour. There are a lot of seltzers on the market, but these particularly taste fresh and natural. This new flavour couldn’t come at a better time with summer around the corner, and  personally I can’t wait to crack a few in the backyard on a sunny day!”

The limited-edition grapefruit flavour will be available from October 16 until sold out. You can pick it up at any Blackhearts & Sparrows store or get it delivered through the ‘Ray website.  

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