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Asahi launches The Big Giveback

Asahi Lifestyle Beverages has launched The Big Giveback, which aims to raise more than $1million for those less fortunate who may have been massively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company will donate 10 cents from the sale of non-alcoholic drinks including Schweppes, Cool Ridge water and Solo donated to children’s education charity The Smith Family. The campaign has already raised more than $141,919.

The money will help fund homework clubs, mentoring programs, stationery and other things Smith Family students need to help them stay engaged at school and reach their full potential.

More than 10,000 of Aussie service stations, convenience stores and other shops will participate in the initiative.

The Smith Family currently supports 57,000 students across Australia and is seeing students living in poverty face significant additional challenges during the
pandemic, which are putting them at greater risk of falling behind in their studies.

These include:

  • New data showing 1 in 5 Smith Family students don’t have a home computer with reliable internet access
  • Other compounding challenges that make it harder to cope, including that 40% of students and 50% of their parents/carers are experiencing a health or disability issue
  • Research that estimates that while learning at home through lockdown, disadvantaged students are likely to have learnt at only about 50% of their regular rate.

The Smith Family’s Head of Strategy and Philanthropy, Judy Barraclough said: “The Big Giveback is a simple way to support Australian children who are most in need. In purchasing their favourite drinks through The Big Giveback, Australians’ small change will help make a big change for children who are struggling.

“Pre COVID-19, children were already experiencing the impacts of poverty on their education. The pandemic is exacerbating these problems, so it’s critical we continue supporting children to ensure they stay engaged at school and not give up on their learning. We believe that education is a pathway out of poverty.”

Ampol and Caltex sites, Bunnings stores, Noodle Boxes, cafes, leisure centres and many more are participating throughout November, with participating venues displaying prominent in-store signage.

Asahi Lifestyle Beverages CEO Stuart Roberts said: “Our research showed people want to help those affected by the pandemic but didn’t know how. We decided to launch The Big Giveback and, with community support, donate 10 cents from the sale of our drinks. This’ll give students and families more of the support they need
as our community faces the unprecedented challenge of recovering from the pandemic.”

A second phase of The Big Giveback will launch in late November to support additional charities, with more details to be announced in coming weeks.

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