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Fancy supping on Bloody Shiraz Gin caviar?

Yarra Valley Caviar has created a new salmon caviar steeped in Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin … are you salivating yet?

Four Pillars notes: “The story goes that after chatting at Noosa Food & Drink festival last year, Matt Wilkinson (Four Pillars Creative Director, Made From Gin) and Nick Gorman (Co-owner of Yarra Valley Caviar) did more than 25 trials playing with smoking, salting and infusing the salmon caviar with gin botanicals.

“But in the end soaking the roe in Bloody Shiraz Gin for 24 hours gave us a caviar with a beautiful deep purple colouring and gin flavour. The caviar is plump and bright burgundy in colour. To taste there’s some beautiful soft citrus notes, along with gentle spices of juniper, coriander seed and native Tasmanian pepperberry coming through with the salty burst and pop of the roe.”

OK, we’re definitely salivating now.

Four Pillars is selling tins of this unique caviar at its Healesville Distillery and Sydney Laboratory if you’re looking for something different for the Christmas table this year.

“Purple is definitely the new black,” the distiller notes.

And fans of the 2020 Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin would agree. The gin has won countless awards and is currently in limited supply.

Distiller Cameron Mackenzie said: “2020 will go down as one of the strangest vintages on record,” he said. “While half the country was on fire and experienced extreme heat, the Yarra was quite the opposite. 

“Overall, we had very mild conditions and high rainfall so the region stayed green for most of summer. Low fruit set and small bunch weights intensified the fruit flavours but the cool conditions (yes, a very cool summer) has allowed great spice, red berry and natural acidity. 

“Straight away you get pine forest notes, white pepper and spices. The gin is beautifully balanced with a delicious sweetness and nice tannins to finish.” 

This year the Shiraz was sourced from Punt Road, Boat O’Craigo, Yering Station and Faraday Estate as well as the aforementioned growers in Yea and Macedon. The harvested grapes are de-stemmed, but kept mainly as whole berries and then steeped in Rare Dry Gin in cool tanks that are stirred daily.  

After eight weeks the fruit is pressed before being blended with more Rare Dry Gin to achieve an alcohol level of 37.8%.  

Also available direct from the source at Healesville, on the web at and at the Four Pillars Gin Laboratory in Surry Hills, Sydney.

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