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Corona beer shortage continues in Australia

If you’re having trouble finding Corona Extra at your local bottle shop, you’re not alone. The beer, which is imported from Mexico, has been in short supply for more than a month.

Red Bottle notes on its website: “We apologise, but this product is currently out of stock. If we can get more into stores, this product will return and all will be well in the world.”

A spokesperson for CUB, Corona’s Aussie distributor, told Brews News: “These shortages will continue in coming weeks and we expect retailers, particularly in NSW and Victoria, will be intermittently out of stock.

“The shortages are due to a recent increase in demand along with supply issues stemming from COVID-19, particularly international shipping congestion and issues at Australian ports.

“More than 600,000 cartons of Corona will be delivered between this week and the end of December which will help replenish stock and meet the increased demand.”

In April, production of Corona beer temporarily ceased in Mexico due to COVID-19 restrictions, following the government ordering a shutdown of what it deemed “non-essential” services. The shutdown has had a knock-on effect for the export market.

Corona beer virus

Corona beer sales have increased by more than 17% globally since March 2020, defying predictions the brand would suffer during COVID-19. Google data showed that searches for “beer virus” and “Corona beer virus” surged 1100% during March.

Corona beer’s 30-year-old Christmas ad

In the US, Corona has been running the same Christmas ad for 30 years – called “O Tannenpalm” – and isn’t about to change the formula in 2020.

The ad features a single shot of a beachside cabana and palm tree covered in fairy lights, while a voice sings ‘O Tannenbaum”.

“Every year, it helps reground people in the holiday spirit,” Ann Legan, VP of marketing for Corona, told Ad Age. “In times of uncertainty, people gravitate towards brands they know and trust.”

Emergency supplies of White Claw arrive on Aussie shores

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