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XXXX Dry launches ‘Yeah Nice’ campaign

XXXX Dry has set its sights on younger drinkers with its new TVC, which marks a big branding departure for the iconic Queensland brewer.

Like the historic XXXX flagship brand XXXX GOLD, the personality Lion wants to create around XXXX DRY is about living the good life. Released in March, the new beer is billed as a new easy drinking full strength (4.2%) lager.

The marketing strategy focuses on embracing the energy and attitude of younger beer drinkers, with the brand slogan ‘Yeah Nice’.

Lion Brand Director Amy Darvill said: “XXXX holds a special place in Queenslander’s and Australian’s hearts so we didn’t take lightly the challenge of launching the next beer under this iconic brand. We intentionally set out to create work, which feels strikingly different to anything we’ve put out before under the XXXX brand. So it was an exciting process to collaborate with Host/Havas and FutureDeluxe and define that new creative territory.”

The campaign was developed by FutureDeluxe and Host/Havas. FutureDeluxe Creative Director Adrian Lawrence said: “The reason we exist at FutureDeluxe is to create innovative content which always feels excitingly new and unique. This piece was so different to anything the Lion brand team had done before, but their trust in our creative vision, and their confidence to give us the breathing space to push into new creative territories, is what allowed us to craft work which feels altogether new”

The major campaign follows a soft launch in March of the beer with an OOH campaign. Watch the ad below:

XXXX wooden kegs return to Breakfast Creek Hotel

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