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Did you sip something pink drinks for Valentine’s Day on Sunday? You’re not alone, Rosé has been the fastest growing varietal in Australia for the last five years and continues to outpace the rest of the wine category. So it’s no wonder drinks companies are racing to innovate in the space.

Drinks Digest spoke to Andrew Theodosi, Brand and Activation Manager for Constellation Brands, about the power of pink drinks and the company’s latest releases in the category.

“We see the rise in Rosé set to continue,” Theodosi said. “The thing to remember that is the ‘Rosé Revolution’ started a long time ago; it’s just gained a great amount of momentum recently.

“For us at Constellation Brands, we’re still seeing an increase in popularity and expecting it to stay for some time. Rosé and pink wine made up 10% of all wine launches in Australia during the last five years, which shows you that consumers are keen to try and see more from us within the industry.

“Rosé is also a go-to favourite as the weather starts to warm up – it’s a refreshing, food-friendly wine, perfect for the Aussie lifestyle and al fresco entertaining.”

As for Valentine’s Day, he said pink styles suit couples looking for easy-to-drink and accessible wines “whether that’s a date with their partner or a group catch-up with friends”.

Round Theory
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He noted that a new Constellation release called Round Theory is getting a lot of traction and interest.

The Round Theory range hails from New Zealand and has social responsibility at its core – from sustainable sourced and grown wine to an innovative-shaped bottle designed to minimise its carbon footprint. The bottles are 30% lighter, 35% shorter and made from clear glass which is all 100% recyclable.

Round Theory also supports CarbonClick, which offsets at least double its carbon emissions produced and supports four local and global conservation projects including rainforest preservation and renewable energy.

“We’ve had really great feedback for Round Theory so far from consumers and retailers – both for the taste and quality of the wine and its unique-shaped bottle that stands out on shelf.

“Sustainability needs to be high on the agenda for everyone in 2021 – consumers want to know more about what brands are doing to give back these days.

”We know consumers are a lot more eco-conscious these days whether it be recycling or making better choices with their buying power. We wanted to encourage this and do our part by creating a brand that’s about giving back to the environment as much as possible.”

As for the wine itself, Round Theory Rosé displays bright aromas of berries and tropical fruits complemented with a soft palate, richly fruited with strawberry and blackberry, leading to a clean dry finish.

“At the moment Round Theory is something I’m really enjoying – it’s got that talkability aspect with friends and it’s a great sustainable option which personally I really like,” Theodosi said.

“Young & Co Strawberry Hustle Rosé is another go-to pink option in my household. It’s a fantastically fresh, fruit-driven wine to enjoy during the warmer months.”

He said pink wine is now a firm unisex favourite with consumers.

“We are seeing near equal proportions of female and males drinking Rosé regularly, which also indicates that palates and interests are changing within the Australia market.”

Moderation a key trend

“The other wave we’re seeing within the industry is mindful drinking,” Theodosi said. “Betterment within the food and drink space is very topical right now, people are wanting to still enjoy a wine or cocktail but looking for innovative low and no-alcohol options to help them embrace a more balanced lifestyle.”

Constellation’s STATE OF LIGHT Rosé has only 7% ABV and 35% less calories than a standard glass of wine.

“It’s a great alternative for Rosé-lovers either watching calories or wanting to cut down on alcohol consumption,” he said. “A common perception is that all lower alcohol wines are poor quality and have less flavour, which is not true at all. The STATE OF LIGHT winemaking team take pride in producing lighter, full-flavoured premium wines that celebrate the renowned New Zealand Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay regions. The STATE OF LIGHT Hawkes Bay Rosé blooms with mouth-watering berry fruits and watermelon aromatics with an elegant dry finish.”

Vodka hailed as the next pink drinks frontier

Pink spirits, such as SVEDKA Rosé Vodka, are causing a stir as the latest Insta-worthy drinks to snap and share online this summer.

SVEDKA Rosé Vodka offers a new twist on the adored wine varietal, blended with 5% Rosé wine, SVEDKA Rosé Vodka delivers both vodka and rosé wine fans a simple take on their favourite drink. It’s served poured over ice, with a dash of sparkling water and a garnish of strawberry, lemon or even a lychee. It’s a lighter style vodka at 30% ABV, exhibiting flavours of pineapple and strawberry, complemented by notes of hibiscus.

“SVEDKA Rosé Vodka has been really well received in Australia,” Theodosi said. “A key driver of recent flavoured spirits growth has come from Rosé innovation, especially within gin and also more recently, vodka.

“Pink spirits have really emerged as their own trend. Rosé vodka has also enabled us to convert wine drinkers, who are wanting something a bit different and maybe want enjoy a wine based cocktail, across to the spirits category.

“They like the flavour of Rosé but might not want a glass of wine. SVEDKA is crafted with 5% Rosé offering a well-rounded and balanced flavour. It’s also a lighter style and lower alcohol option compared to most other vodkas so it’s a good option across different occasions, day or night.”

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