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Basic Babe adds canned cocktails to the mix

Fast-growing alcoholic water brand Basic Babe is expanding into the canned cocktails market with a range called Cocktails by Basic Babe.

“Cocktails by Basic Babe is Australia’s first, ready-to-drink, sparkling cocktail in a can,” said Mark Collins, co-founder of Basic Babe. “We know the modern consumer is calorie conscious and so are we, which is why our alcoholic sparkling cocktail is made with spirits and not brewed or fermented.

“We’ve adopted two classic formulations – Raspberry & Lime Margarita and Mojito – and made some tweaks to ensure they satisfy all the demands of the modern day millennial drinker.”

The brand is health conscious – with less than 85 calories per can, and 99% sugar free – and environmentally friendly. Collins said the brand decided to carbonate the new range because sparkling drinks are on trend right now and “it fits the flavour profile perfectly”.

“We have been relentless in ensuring each cocktail maintains a full flavour and smooth, consistent mouth feel,” Collins said. “We have worked tirelessly on our flavour profiles, and we believe we have achieved the best tasting cocktails giving our consumers the bar experience from wherever they choose.

“Basic Babe is a brand built on connection, community and fun, and our cocktails are no different. It doesn’t matter where you are, Cocktails by Basic Babe are there for you with a ready to drink beverage without the queues, without the wait, without the bar tip. It creates the bar experience from wherever you are.”

Launch capitalises on canned cocktail boom

The release of Cocktails by Basic Babe follows a report by market intelligence and analyst company Fact.MR that predicts the canned cocktail market will be worth $213 billion globally by 2030.

The report states: “The canned cocktails market in South Asia and Oceania will encounter high development in the future, due to increasing interest for mixed refreshments in the regions.”

According to Forbes: “Canned cocktails remain one of the hottest categories of alcoholic beverages, and their trend of explosive growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.”

“Prepared cocktails are the fastest growing segment,” said Ned Duggan, global sales senior vice president for Bacardi. “It is a very active space in the spirits landscape.

“The prepared cocktail market was on trend before the pandemic struct, and it does speak to a need that people are experiencing during the pandemic. We do see this as a trend that will continue once things are (returning) to normal.”

Matt Redin, Marketing Manager at Vintage House Wines & Spirits, which distributes Basic Babe, recently noted that the brand’s focus on innovation was helping it stand out on shelf in Australia: “In a new market segment that has moved and evolved at a rapid rate the team at Basic Babe have adapted and moved to quickly hook into the latest trends and stay ahead of the pack with new packaging options and flavours.”

Cocktails by Basic Babe will be available through ALM, Liquid Mix, Liquid Specialty Beverages and Paramount via Vintage House from April 26.

Basic Babe adds 8-pack as sales boom

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