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Lark releases world-first Chinotto finished single malt

Lark Distillery’s Limited Release Chinotto Cask has arrived in stock at Whisky Loot. The oaky, smoky offering is the world’s first Chinotto finished single malt whisky.

The idea for creating it was sparked by an Italian digestif producer who makes limoncello and amaro in Tasmanian. Chris Thomson, Head Distiller and Blender at Lark, asked him to create 200 litres of Chinotto, an Italian-style cola. The cola syrup was then used to season a selection of casks. Thomson describes the result as “bloody delicious”.

“Our spirit’s thick, smoky viscosity melded seamlessly with the sweet intensity of the Chinotto, creating an unconventional heavily-peated single malt with a Tasmanian-Italian heritage,” Lark said.

Whisky Loot describes it as a “fascinating release from veteran Tassie distillers, Lark” and a “remarkable dram”.

“The drink is flavoured with a tart citrus a lot like bitter orange,” Whisky Loot said. “When combined with Lark’s peated Tasmanian spirit, the result is a spicy, citrusy and utterly unique whisky.

“Described by Lark as being the product of ‘a moment of experimental creativity’ from Thomson, there has never been another whisky like this one.” 

Lark Distillery Limited Edition Chinotto Cask Single Malt Australian Whisky RRP $299

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