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Limited supplies of White Claw Black Cherry have landed

The No.1 White Claw flavour in the US – Black Cherry – is arriving on Australian shores for a limited time from April 28.

While Black Cherry is a US fan favourite, delivering just under $500 million in sales in the 52 weeks to January 2021. But it’s a foreign flavour to Aussies, with local drinkers expressing their views loudly on what has previously been deemed a polarising flavour.

However, since launch White Claw has received a huge number of requests for the flavour and in recent social polls Black Cherry outperformed all other popular flavours. For local fans, their FOMO wishes are about to be granted – the question is, will the rest of Australia join Team Black Cherry?

White Claw is inviting Aussie drinkers to find it, taste it and decide whether the world’s most talked about flavour will become their new favourite drop or if they’re all about Australia’s current flavours – Mango, Lime & Ruby Grapefruit.

The brand’s Australian distributor, Lion, describes White Claw Black Cherry as providing a light, crisp taste with a pleasant combination of tart and sweet. Drinks Digest can confirm that its Aussie expat contacts in New York rate it as their favourite among the White Claw flavours.

White Claw Black Cherry

Lion is giving a limited number of Australian fans exclusive access to be among the first to try Black Cherry. Bespoke Black vending machines will house 100 cans only, allowing brand lovers the first chance to taste it and choose their team – sparking the flavour debate ahead of launch. Vending machines will be popping up at the Harbord Hotel Sydney, X-Cargo Brisbane and The Garden Leederville Perth, on Saturday April 24, from 1pm until gone.

“White Claw is truly a global phenomenon; we’ve been overwhelmed at how Australian drinkers have responded since launch,” said Anubha Sahasrabuddhe, Lion Consumer and Brand Director. “We can’t wait to see Black Cherry touch down, and to find out which way Australia will lean on this US cult favourite.”

White Claw Black Cherry can be found nationwide at Australia’s favourite coastal bars and all good liquor stores from April 28 until sold out, in a 4-pack of 330ml cans at an RRP of $23.99.

Seltzer success in Australia

After less than 18 months in the Australian market, the hard seltzer category has grown locally to a retail sales value of $37million.

In the last quarter alone the seltzer category was worth $40 million – at current trajectory, IRI Australia is predicting the category will be worth $150 million in the next 12 months. White Claw accounts for one in five seltzer sales in Australia.

Demand for the product was so high that it delivered $4 million in retail sales value in the first week it was on sale alone. Around 4000 cases had to be flown into Australia in November to keep shelves stocked.

Does hard seltzer have a future in Australia?

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