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Our verdict on Big Drop’s Galactic Milk Stout

After a successful launch into the Australian market last year, Big Drop Brewing Co. introduced its Galactic Milk Stout to the local line-up last month and Drinks Digest beer editor Saint Barbara has given her verdict.

Big Drop, founded in 2016 and based in the UK town of Ipswich, is one of the trailblazers in the ultra-low alcohol beer category. The press release for its latest release, Galactic Milk Stout, promised that the new beer would deliver 100% on flavour, but less than 0.5% on alcohol, creating a tasty craft option for people wanting to enjoy beer without the repercussions.

However, I must admit, when a couple of cans of Galactic Stout landed on my doorstep, I was a bit skeptical. I love a good, full flavoured stout, and I wondered if Big Drop could deliver that without the alcohol in this seriously low alcohol beer.

I finally decided that Star Wars Day – which is celebrated every year on May 4 – was the perfect moment to put the brew to the taste test. And what can I say? Saint Barbara is a believer!⁠⁠

The beer has rich, strong coffee and chocolate notes at the start, followed by a surprising sweetness, and then a gorgeously creamy lingering taste. It’s full bodied and delicious to the last (big) drop. An absolute pleasure to try.⁠

I now understand why Galactic Milk Stout was judged ‘World’s Best’ in the Flavoured Low Alcohol category at the 2020 World Beer Awards.

If you’re looking for food matching suggestions with this rich, unctuous beer, try desserts such as a chocolate brownie or rich, slow-cooked savoury dishes.

Brewed in Victoria, Galactic Milk Stout is available to purchase in 4-packs (RRP: $16) at Carftzero, Sans Drinks, and Beer Cartel. It makes a great alternative for Dry July or beer drinkers searching for a full flavoured craft beer without the alcohol.

Cheers! And May the Fourth be with you! ⁠⁠

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