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PHOTO SPECIAL: Celebrations & crazy beers at GABS Craft Beer Festival 2021

After nearly two years, brewers and craft beer lovers were finally able to celebrate their passion at the GABS Craft Beer Festival at Sydney Olympic Park over the weekend.

The taps were flowing, with beer being poured at 387ml per second through the event. More than 11,000 people joined their friends to sample the 110 festival beers, dine on delicious food from the myriad of food trucks and enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment.

The GABS team quickly adapted to the new restrictions imposed just a day before the event, adding an extra 1500 seats and ensuring masks for all the hospitality staff.

Despite there being no singing and dancing allowed, there was no shortage of entertainment with visitors enjoying live music, the GABS Academy with food and beer pairing sessions and live comedy sets. They could even get a haircut at the on site barber.

Having been on hiatus last year, brewers at the GABS Beer, Cider and Food Festival were raring to go, with weird, wonderful and one-of-a-kind beer and cider flavours to excite the senses.

The top 10 quirkiest sensations at GABS

  1. Snap, Crackle & Hop – Capital Brewing Co (ACT): Flavours of marshmallow, rice bubbles, vanilla and lactose delivered an awesome sweetness in this beer that mimicked the favourite childhood snack.
  2. Smashed Avo – Public Brewing Co (VIC): Forget the meat pie, the smashed avo is the new Australian classic. With blends of Himalayan sea salt, black pepper and lemon this beer took you right back to your favourite breaky legend.
  3. Eiffel 6.5 – Batch Brewing Company (NSW): Blue in colour, sour, hoppy, loaded with fruits and other adjuncts, served on Nitrogen. Affectionately named in honour of the iconic 90’s dance group and inspired by all things blue.
  4. Marrickville Lamb Souvlaki -Willie The Boatman (NSW): This beer sent punters sailing around the glorious Greek islands, with Mediterranean herbs, lemon, salt and locally sourced lamb broth.
  5. Chai.P.A – Malt Shovel Brewers (NSW): Chai Latte met IPA with a mix of Chai Spices, Vanilla Beans, Lotus hops and some lactose for a creamy mouthful.
  6. Pink Passion – Cheeky Tiki Cider (QLD): A delicious hybrid cider made from co-fermenting fresh Queensland apple juice with Shiraz grapes and passionfruit juice, producing a delicious and pink-tinged cider (of sorts).
  7. Burleigh Fifteen – Burleigh Brewing Co (QLD): In celebration of 15 years of Burleigh Brewing, this beer was inspired 15th Century Dusseldorf house beer. It’s exclusive to the GABS festival and cannot be found anywhere else.
  8. Brunch Date – Ballistic Beer Co.(QLD): Brunch Date was a mimosa-inspired sour ale that blurs the boundaries between sparkling wine and sour beer. Fermented with white grape must and oranges, it had a bright, zippy sour beer that highlighted the classic citrus and vinous characteristic of the mimosa.
  9. Sourade Blue Blast Berry Gose – Wayward Brewing Co (QLD): Inspired by the popular sports drinks, Sourade Blue Blast Berry Gose was a refreshingly tart, electric-blue sour ale, packed with electrolytes and big berry flavours.
  10. Wasabi Sumo – Stockade Brew Co (NSW): Sweet stonefruit up front and a smooth, piney resin following hot on its heels, it finished off with hot burning wasabi and ginger.

The GABS Team is now gearing up for the Melbourne event which runs from 21-23rd May at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (MCEC) –

Here are a selection of shots from the Sydney event to whet your whistle:

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