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Australian Cocktail Month celebrates World Whisky Day

It’s World Whisky Day on May 15 – a chance to enjoy a dram or a whisk(e)y cocktail and celebrate the dark spirit during Australian Cocktail Month.

Australian Cocktail Month features seven whiskies from across the globe on board for its inaugural year. Ailsa Bay, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Glenfiddich 12, Monkey Shoulder, Naked Grouse, Starward Two-Fold and Woodford Reserve Select Bourbon have all partnered with Australian Cocktail Month resulting in the tastiest whisk(e)y cocktails being served across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide during May.

Event founder Penny Sippe said: “During the planning of Australian Cocktail Month I was keen to incorporate many whisky brands to cater for Australia’s growing love of whisky cocktails.  It is all about flavour and experimenting with flavour – bartenders love the spirit and as a result have introduced a whole new audience to it.”

Whisky is shaking off its image as a drink for the older generation through these cocktail innovations. Penny admits she’s a relative newcomer to appreciating the spirit, but her affection for whisky is rapidly growing.

“I am going to be in Melbourne to celebrate World Whisky Day and will be popping around to many of the bars participating in Australian Cocktail Month,” she revealed. “Whisky hasn’t previously been my spirit of choice, but I am slowly learning to enjoy it – much to the delight of my friends Alice and Andy.” 

Looking for a cocktail to tempt your tastebuds this weekend? Here are the whisky creations that Australian Cocktail Month ticket holders can exclusively sip. They’re priced at $14, with non-alcoholic options at $10. 

Ailsa Bay cocktails

Eau De Vie in Melbourne – Tip of The Cap – Ailsa Bay Whisky, amontillado sherry, fig and tarragon syrup, fresh lemon, spritzed and garnished with a tarragon and lemon wheel.

The Roosevelt in Sydney – D.R.S – Ailsa Bay Whisky, coke vermouth coffee vanilla reduction, dry vermouth, Monin Pure Cane Syrup, Dom Benedictine and hickory smoke garnish.

Electric Avenue in Brisbane – Golden Fleece – Ailsa Bay Whisky , lemon juice, kumquat and poppy seed preserve topped with Fever-Tree Smoke Ginger Ale and Pink Grapefruit Sodas.

Bar Torino in Adelaide – Haymaker – Ailsa Bay Whisky, Monin Butterfly Pea Flower Syrup, combined with Pear and Lemon Myrtle for the ultimate flavour combination.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon cocktails

Galah in Melbourne – Kentucky Sherbie – Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, Tia Maria, fresh orange and lemon juice , sugar and salt, marjoram and peach infused olive oil.

Double Deuce in Sydney – Du Monde Punch – Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Disaronno, lemon, coffee chicory syrup and milk served on the rocks with a lemon twist.

Dawn in Brisbane – Dusk Till Dawn – Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, blackberry infused oloroso sherry, rapadura, smoked blackberry, lemon and Wonderfoam.

Alfred’s in Adelaide – Kentucky Krawler – The flavours are all country, with Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, Monin Macadamia Syrup, fresh citrus topped with an in house grilled and spiced pineapple syrup and garnish.

Glenfiddich cocktails

Poodle in Melbourne – Old Mac – Glenfiddich 12 Whisky, Monin Macadamia Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Tia Maria. Caramelised Banana and toasted Macadamia garnish.

The Duke of Clarence in Sydney – Glenfiddich Spritz – A spritzy delight of Glenfiddich 12 Year Old with Crawley’s Simple Ginger Syrup, with lemon, cream, and topped with refreshing hibiscus soda.

Gerard’s Bar in Brisbane – From Little Things – Glenfiddich 12 Whisky, preserved lemon cordial, koji barley water, Monin Macadamia syrup, apple and plum fino sherry.

Memphis Slim’s in Adelaide – Whisky Cobbler – Glenfiddich 12 Whisky, Seppeltsfield DP117 (SA Fino), nashi pear and quince with pickled pear garnish.

Monkey Shoulder cocktails

Ends and Means in Melbourne – Crossroads – Complex and refreshing, this drink draws on a key ingredient
from a classic dirty martini to present a new take on another classic – the Whisky Highball. Monkey
Shoulder Whisky, Crawley’s Finest Dirty Martini Olive Brine, Fever-Tree Blood Orange Soda and lemon stock

Bulletin Place in Sydney – Kong’s Milk Punch – The milky drink with a kick: Monkey Shoulder Whisky, sweet
vermouth, blackberry & date cordial, dashes of chocolate bitters with the classic Tia Maria.

Suzie Wong’s in Brisbane – Monkeys Love Bananas – Monkey Shoulder Whisky, banana lolly syrup and a dash of barrel aged whisky bitters, topped off with a banana lolly. It’s truly bananas.

Suzie Wong in Adelaide – Hibiscus Highball – A delicious combination of Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Monin Hibiscus, lemon juice and Fever-Tree Yuzu Soda.

Naked Grouse cocktails

Jane Doe in Melbourne – Smoked Ginger Old Fashioned – Naked Grouse Whisky, smoked ginger syrup, Muyu Liqueur Chinotto Nero, and house made smoked bitters blend.

Grain Bar in Sydney – The Rocks Highball – Naked Grouse Whisky, fresh apple, fresh lemon, and Monin Pure Cane Syrup with peach liqueur and topped with Fever-Tree Ginger Beer.

Leonards in Brisbane – The Outcast – Naked Grouse Whisky, banana skin verjus, muscat wine, Wonderfoam, smoked coconut tuile.

Hades Hula House in Adelaide – Pandanamonium!! – Naked Grouse Whisky, Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit, House Pandan syrup, coconut cream, orgeat and citrus.

Starward Two-Fold cocktails

The Everleigh in Melbourne – Beekeeper – Starward Two-Fold Whisky with Absinthe, Angostura and honey, served on the rocks with a lemon twist.

Maybe Sammy in Sydney – Together Again – Inspired by the last tour of the Rat Pack, this cocktail of Starward Two Fold whisky teamed with Acqua Bianca by Salvatore Calabrese, pedro ximenez, lemon juice and umeshu soda is the perfect combination.

La Costa in Brisbane – Mercury’s Retrograde – The stars have aligned with Starward Two-Fold Whisky, apple cider vinegar, spiced honey syrup and topped with Fever-Tree Soda Water.

Bibliotheca Bar and Book Exchange in Adelaide – Starman – Starward Two-Fold Whisky, Disaronno, orange puree, acid, Instafoam and Crawley’s Simple Syrup Co Agave.

Woodford Reserve Select Bourbon cocktails

Beneath Driver Lane in Melbourne – Riders Up – A take on a Mint Julep with cacao nib-infused Woodford
Reserve, nitro-frozen mint, Pedro Ximénez sherry, simple syrup, chocolate bitters, Angostura bitters.

Employees Only in Sydney – Eureka Moment – I think she’s found it, with Woodford Reserve Select Bourbon
Whiskey, Fever-Tree Smoked Ginger Ale & wattle seed reduction, and Angostura bitters garnished with an orange twist and candied ginger.

Death and Taxes in Brisbane – Dark Roast – Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, cream Pedro Ximénez, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, orgeat and tonic.

Bank Street Social in Adelaide – Woodford Julep – A drink that is straight up, with Woodford Reserve Select Bourbon Whiskey, Crawley’s Simple Falernum Syrup topped with sugar, lime and mint.

If you have a ticket – gather your friends, plan your bar tour and experience all the whisk(e)y cocktails that have been specially crafted for Australian Cocktail Month. If you don’t – grab one now, available online here, there is plenty of time to enjoy these cocktails and everything else Australian Cocktail Month has to offer.

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