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Smithy’s classic beer range extended at Liquorland

Smithy’s has extended its collection at Liquorland and First Choice in response to the boom in classic beer sales at the stores. It marks the first time all classic beer styles have been brought together under a single Australian brand.

Created in honour of footy pioneer and the original AFL rule-maker, Thomas Henry Smith, Smithy’s has been created with the aim of delivering clean, uncomplicated beer at a budget-friendly price. It now includes Premium Lager, Bitter and the award-winning Dry Lager, Mid-Strength and Draught.

Smithy’s pays homage to footy’s rich history, with labels that reflect the iconic shape of the AFL ground along with the stripes of a classic footy jersey.

According to Coles Liquor, while craft beer might have captured a lot of headlines in recent years, the large majority of its customers are loyal to mainstream brews, with locally brewed, classic beers the top pick for its customers.

Classic Australian beers account for more than 60% of beer sales across Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market, driving total growth in sales of the amber liquid by more than 10% year on year.

Coles Liquor business category manager Richard Bryant said: “Alongside the well known surge in craft beer, a revolution has been brewing as our customers seek out the satisfaction of an honest, uncomplicated Aussie beer like a Draught, Bitter or Lager. We’re proud to introduce the extended Smithy’s range, which offers a beer for every taste and preference under one, familiar brand.

“Whether Australians are watching their favourite sporting team, taking in the view after finishing a hike or at home around the BBQ, the refreshed Smithy’s range is about getting together with mates to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. As our customers continue to focus on shopping local, we’re confident that the Smithy’s range will become a favourite for many.”

Smithy's beer

The Australian-made Smithy’s collection comes in a mix of bottles and cans. It’s available at Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market stores Australia wide. 

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