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Monday Distillery introduces new alcohol-free margarita cocktail

Australian non-alcoholic brand Monday Distillery has released a new crowd-favourite flavour just in time for Dry July. Called the Mezcalita, it’s a cheeky twist on the traditional margarita mix loved the world over. 

“We’re all about keeping things fun, so wanted to liven up middle year celebrations with a new taste,” said Monday founder Sam Manning.

“July is a month where a lot of people decide to take a break from booze, so we’re making it easier by offering options where you don’t feel like you’re missing out on a ‘drink’ with mates.”

The margarita-style Mezcalita joins other Monday favourites, including the Dark & Stormy, Paloma Cocktail, and ‘G&T without the tears’.

The new Garnish by Monday range adds an additional dash of flavour to the cocktails.

“Creating the flavours of these Monday drinks is my life’s work,” said Manning. “True delight is found in thoughtful details – that handwritten thank you, the lace trim on a dress, the finishing touches on a stunning meal. Garnish is all about creating that delight.

“You can purchase Garnishes as stand-alone, or Garnish Pairing Packs have been curated for your enjoyment.”

Monday Distillery dehydrates artisan fruit and botanicals at low temperatures to retain extra colour, flavour, aroma and texture. Everything is then packaged and sealed to keep things fresh and bright.

Like all of Monday’s drinks, the Mezcalita is 100% alcohol free, sugar-free and forever tasteful. It will be available online, and at select Monday Distillery stockists, from mid-June. Garnish Pairing packs are available exclusively at

Monday Distillery delivers no-alcohol RTDs

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