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Plantation Rum Cup launches in Australia & NZ

Plantation Rum is launching it first bartending competition in Australia and New Zealand, the Plantation Rum Cup.

The spirits brand celebrates the diversity of rum and terroir – each country or production zone is its own unique “terroir” with unique characteristics, a particular soil, traditional growing patterns, and specific techniques.

Plantation Rum sources rum from all over the world – from the Caribbean to South America and to Asia Pacific. Master blender Alexandre Gabriel creates his signature rums using a variety of terroirs and/or ages, then rests them in ex-Ferrand Cognac barrels to achieve a well-made result holistically.

According to Plantation, the same can be said for a team in a venue. The Plantation Rum Cup is a team competition that can include all members of a venue who create or enhance the guests’ experience.

The competition is divided into three stages: Cocktail Promotion; Finalist Judging; and Grand Final.

April 2019 Plantation Rum Cocktail Week at CLOUD NINE bar in Riga

A team will consist of two team members and a maximum of three, including at least one bartender, and one person from another area of the venue. This is limitless! It can be the barback, chef, waiter, host – from any section of the
hospitality industry.

Together, the team creates a Plantation Rum cocktail using rums from the Bartender Classics or the Signature Blends ranges and promotes for a minimum of six weeks in their venue, with final start date for promotion by July 12.

Points will be awarded based on:

● Cocktail sales (not bottle sales)

● In-venue & social media promotion

● Ingredients and recipe

Each cocktail will be made and judged in an off-location setting, to ensure a fair assessment is made to each recipe by all teams across Australia and New Zealand.

Finalists will be announced via the Plantation Rum Asia Pacific Facebook & Instagram page on September 1, with the Grand Final seeing one finalist/team from each territory be flown and accommodated during Sydney Bar Week, from September 19-22 to compete.

On September 20, each team will compete against each other for the first major title of Plantation Rum’s kind, a luxury experience provided in the winners’ home location and a cash prize to sponsor a venues’ ‘Welcome to
Summer’ Party on December 1.

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Rum on the rise again in Australia

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