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New imported beers land in Australia

Overseas travel restrictions may still in place, but you can still enjoy a globe-trotting experience from the comfort of your home with a range of new imported beers that’s arrived on Aussie shores.

Available exclusively at Dan Murphy’s and BWS, the range is sourced from Europe and Japan.

“In an industry-first, we have partnered with some of the most awarded International breweries to bring an exciting new array of global flavours to Australian shores from some of the most innovative beer-producing regions of the world, including Scandinavia, Germany and Japan,” said Harriet Wischer, category manager for Beer and Cider Range at Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

The passport-free, no entry visa required imported beers include:

Mack Isbjørn Lager, (Scandinavia), 330ml Can. RRP: $60, 24-case; $21, 6-pack; $4.25 each: Brewed in the northernmost brewery in the world, Mack Isbjørn Lager is a Norwegian Pale Lager with a golden hue. Made with cold, pure Arctic water, it has a refreshing, classic style, is very sessionable and easy-drinking with good malt character and balanced bitterness.  With fresh aromas of Arctic flowers, hops and malt, this lager is best served ice-cold.

Mack Isbjørn Lite, (Scandinavia), 330ml Can. RRP: $60, 24-case; $21, 6-pack; $4.25 each: A refreshing beer crafted from a recipe containing less malt, therefore less calories.

Bear Beer Lager, (Scandinavia), 330ml Bottle.  RRP: $54, 24-case; $19, 6-pack; $4 each: Since 1974, when the first Bear Beer bottle was launched under the Danish name ‘Bjørne Bryg’, it has gone on to become Denmark’s biggest international beer brand. The lager has a slight yellow-golden colour, a smooth and mild taste, with a well-balanced aroma and bitterness.

KōRUDO Premium Dry Lager (Japan), 350ml Bottle.  RRP: $70, 24-case; $24, 6-pack; $4.50 each: Inspired by the sunsets over Nago Bay in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, KōRUDO Japanese Style Premium Dry Lager is crisp, clean flavoured pale lager expertly balanced with rare hops aroma and a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Best served well-chilled and poured slowly into a room-temperature, wide-mouth glass so the beer will be at its best temperature of 8-10℃, to bring out the flavour and aroma of hops. 

Monsuta Japanese Lager (Japan), 350ml Can.  RRP: $60, 24-case; $22, 6-pack; $4.50 each: Monsuta means monster in Japanese and, inspired by its namesake, this lager delivers a big tasting brew. Full-flavoured with a delicate hops aroma, balanced with rich malt character, Monsuta Japanese Lager is best served in a frozen glass at a temperature of 3℃. 

Höfler Premium Lager Beer (Germany), 330ml Bottle.  RRP: $34, 24-case; $12, 6-pack; $3 each: A round and full-bodied authentic German lager with a touch of sweetness that balances the spicy German hop flavours, Höfler Premium Lager Beer is a true German style lager, with a clean, dry finish, it features rich maltiness and light bitter characteristics.  

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