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Finders Distillery releases native lime gin

During a time when Aussie’s aren’t able to travel, Finders Distillery has decided to bring this missed pastime to tastebuds with the launch of its first Location Series spirit, which is filled with delicious finger lime flavour.

A series of distilled products designed to celebrate a different location and produce with each release, Finders has revealed its first product of the series – a Native Red Lime Gin from the Macleay Valley Coast, NSW.

The intensely citrus gin is made using produce from Gondwana Native Lime Farm in NSW and heroes the Native Australian Red Lime and Red Finger Lime.

“Lime was my garnish of choice in a G&T for a long time, so making a lime forward gin really intrigued me,” said Kyle Ford, Head Distiller. “The Aussie red lime seemed to be a bit of a well-kept secret, one that we would love to help spread. It has a beautiful burgundy coloured skin and though smaller than a typical lime there is an exceptional acid-sweetness to the juice. We use this in our gin in conjunction with native Byron sunrise finger limes, Tahitian limes and Kaffir lime Leaf. The flavour of this gin will take you on a refreshingly citrus walk through the Aussie bush.”

When creating this recipe, the Finders duo took a trip up to the Macleay Valley Coast to visit Gondwana Native Lime Farm and experience what the region had to offer.

“Getting shown around the farm by Warren and Hamish (the resident border collie) was such a special experience in the creation of this gin,” Ford added. “Seeing where the produce has come from and tasting the fruit fresh from the orchard was an afternoon we won’t forget.”

Kyle and her co-founder sister Georgia are hoping each release in the Location Series arouses interest and curiosity, getting everyone excited to not only experience new flavours, but to travel and explore the beautiful places these unique ingredients come from.

“We wanted to create more than just a product, but a story of Australian produce worth sharing.” said Georgia.

Although the first product release coincided with a tricky period for the nation with multiple lockdowns, Georgia and Kyle are hoping this series is a way to ignite people’s desire to travel again, and hope that when they do, they will pay a visit to these local towns that are brimming with local history and produce.

The Macleay Valley Coast is an interesting place to explore given its mix of beaches, hinterland and national parks. From camping in the hinterlands to historic pubs in Bellbrook & Willawarrin, cafes in Gladstone, coastal walks at Hat Head National park or surfing at Crescent Head there certainly is a lot to see in this part of NSW.

If you are looking to get your hands on a bottle of their Native Red Lime Gin, you can purchase it directly from their website HERE.

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