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Premium flavoured tequila is your new favourite drink

Cazcabel has officially launched in Australia this month, leading the premiumisation trend in flavoured tequila.

The Cazcabel range includes Blanco, Coffee, Reposado and Honey, with a soon-to-be-released Coconut offering on the way.

The brand has received critical acclaim since launch in 2014; winning Gold in every spirits and tequila competition it has entered to date. The distiller has ambitious plans to become one of the top three premium pouring tequilas in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as aiming to be the biggest flavoured tequila brand globally by 2023.

The tequila takes its name from Don Cazcabel, known as the “Snakeman” of the Jalisco Mountains. A faithful student of Toltec, Olmec and Aztec traditions, Don Cazcabel’s philosophy is to take natural ingredients from the land and give them new meaning and life. He is a healer with powers that attract Mexicans from hundreds of miles around.

Cazcabel Tequila has been crafted by four award-winning generations in an independent micro distillery in the highlands of the Jalisco Mountains. Cazcabel’s Master Distiller uses only the finest, locally grown, seven-year-old Blue Weber agave to create Cazcabel’s unique taste.

General Manager of Proof Drinks, Cazcabel’s Australian distributor, Luke Frost said: “We’re so excited to launch one of the fastest growing and popular tequila brands in Australia. Our aim is to offer a range of authentic premium tequilas that allow consumers to explore the category in new and exciting ways. Cazcabel’s range, particularly the flavours, opens up tequila to new drinking occasions beyond late night and can be sipped neat or savoured in cocktails. With international travel off the cards for the foreseeable future, what better way to experience Mexico?”

The range includes:

Cazcabel Blanco – the spirit is fashioned from sun-baked blue weber agave from the heart of the Jalisco region. RRP $64.99, ABV: 38%.

Cazcabel Coffee – Using the fresh and earthy base of the Blanco, it blends in a roasted sweet hit of luxury coffee for the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. RRP $59.99, ABV 34%.

Cazcabel Honey – This multi-award-winning tipple is one of the world’s first honey tequilas. RRP $59.99, ABV 34%.

Cazcabel Reposado – Rested in American oak barrels for nine to eleven months, it balances the clean and earthy agave flavour of the double distilled Blanco with the complex but subtle aromas of toasted oak. RRP $69.99, ABV 38%.

While Cazcabel isn’t the first flavoured tequila on the Australian market, Frost said it’s the first brand to have a dedicated portion of its range in the flavoured category.

“These variants provide a fun and approachable way of recruiting new consumers to the premium tequila category,” he said.

Frost also noted that the flavoured spirits sector is premiumising and rapidly becoming more sophisticated in its offerings. As a result of the gin boom, consumer’s willingness to pay for premium spirits and explore new and unique flavour expressions is at an all-time high.

“Flavours have always played a role in offering a variation of an old classic or a new flavour profile, so while flavoured spirits aren’t ‘trending’, premiumisation is,” he said. “Consumers are looking for those innovative and premium products that allow them to experiment in making quality drinks. The Cazcabel flavour range is perfectly positioned to capitialise on this current trend offering a quality and versatile liquid at an affordable price. One of the key benefits of the flavour range is that is allows consumers to make cocktails very easily at home, without the need to buy a whole shopping list of ingredients – particularly helpful during lockdown!

“Complexity is reduced as the flavour is already provided and is consistently high quality and impactful. Consumers just need to top up with their favourite mixer – for example, Cazcabel Honey & Ginger Beer – or soda and Prosecco to make a Honey Spritz.”

Tequila sales have gone through the roof globally over the past 12 months and Frost said Australia is no different.

“Tequila is definitely trending in Australia at the moment, with premium tequila brands, especially blancos, being at the forefront of the current category growth,” he explained.

Expansion plans for Cazcabel

Following exponential international growth through 2020, Cazcabel Tequila recently announced plans to build a new distillery in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco.

Cazcabel’s new home will accommodate guests and tour groups, expand production and facilitate further opportunities for product development and innovation.

The Cazcabel range is available to purchase at Dan Murphy’s. Cazcabel Blanco, Coffee & Reposado are also available to purchase at BWS.

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