Flagship Aperol bar opens in Venice

The new flagship of Campari Group’s Aperol brand – Terrazza Aperol – has officially opened its doors in Venice this week. 

Terrazza Aperol is located in the spaces of a historic Venetian palace in Campo Santo Stefano, with a large outdoor seating area on the square, just a stone’s throw from the Accademia bridge, in an area of high tourist traffic that has remained authentic and populated by Venetians. 

Campari said Terrazza Aperol celebrates a deep connection with one of the city’s most characteristic rituals, the Italian aperitivo, which is revisited in a contemporary version through the orange lens of Aperol Spritz.

The venue is inspired by a revisitation of the “bacaro” – the typical Venetian bar – offering a place with a cosmopolitan feel, with a fluid continuity between different indoor and outdoor settings.

The intimate bond between Venice and Aperol Spritz can be seen in every detail of the furnishings: from the wooden floor made from “briccole”, reclaimed navigation poles from the lagoon, to the walls decorated with glass tiles inserted by hand in Venetian stucco, from the ceiling reminiscent of the ancient module of beams with decorated joints – called the Sansovina ceiling – to the Murano handmade glass chandeliers. Respecting the specific urban fabric that surrounds it, the place was designed with a concept aimed at using recycled materials, helping to generate a positive impact on the environment.

Special attention has been paid to the food concept, created specifically for Terrazza Aperol by Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, chefs of the famous  “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia”, who have designed a menu based on the Venetian tradition, with excellent Italian ingredients and modulated on seasonality. 

Terrazza Aperol will also sell the first Aperol merchandising line, entirely “Made in Veneto” and inspired to celebrate moments of conviviality and togetherness.

Campari said its investment in the project is both a sign of hope and a proof of its bond with Venice, so that the city can start afresh.

CEO says there’s a bright future for Aperol

In an interview with Reuters at the opening of the flagship bar for Aperol in Venice, Campari Chief Executive Bob Kunze-Concewitz said the group is confident the aperitif will continue to grow by double digits.

“We have developed a long-term marketing model which ensures that we constantly have double-digit growth rates for Aperol,” he said, adding that in Italy the group is now introducing Aperol as a beverage to have with meals rather than just an aperitif.

He added that he wasn’t concerned about Moet Hennessy launching a ready-to-drink concoction called Chandon Garden Spritz.

“I am not worried (about imitations). As long as the new entrants are premium and come from high-end groups they will broaden the overall aperitif category,” Kunze-Concewitz said, adding that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”.

Kunze-Concewitz (above) said Aperol-themed bars will be introduced to other cities in the future as a way to make the brand even more visible.

Aperol to launch themed bars around the world

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