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Basic Babe launches Boxtails range

Brisbane based drinks company Basic Babe has launched a new low-calorie cocktails in a cask range called Boxtails.

Boxtails come in three uniquely designed boxes, reminiscent of the classic Aussie goon bag, featuring colourful drawings of the fruity tasting notes in each cocktail.

“The world as we know it has fundamentally changed and so has the way we celebrate,” said Basic Babe Co-Founder, Mark Collins. “Boxtails was created from the idea of wanting to bring the fun back to making memories. With a fun look and feel, the bag and box concept takes everyone back to a time when life was more simple and we celebrated more often.”

The new cocktail range includes three flavours:

  • Raspberry and Lime Margarita: This Margarita delivers a balanced flavour with the softness of the raspberries, contrasted perfectly with the acidity of the lime. 
  • Passionfruit Martini: The popular Martini has had a makeover with the addition of passionfruit to make it even better than the original. 
  • Pink Gin Daiquiri: A spin on the classic Daiquiri with notes of strawberry partnered with the freshness of lime and pink gin. 

Like Basic Babe’s alcoholic sparkling waters, the new Boxtail range is completely natural, 99% sugar free and with only 60 calories per serve. Made with real fruit juice and real spirits, the new range also boasts 100% recyclable packaging. 

Collins said: “For the first time in history, Millennials have surpassed the baby boomers as the largest consumer group. These Millennials are seeking healthier alternatives and as such we wanted to create an alcoholic beverage that tastes just like their favourite cocktails, minus the calories.

“According to data from the Forbes Canned Cocktail Report in June 2020, today’s consumers still value convenience, but they’re looking for cleaner products that allow them to enjoy a few drinks, without feeling like the health and wellness trade offs are too onerous.

“We are so proud of the Boxtail range that we created and are so excited for everyone to try them. They’re perfect for those hosting a party or for those in lockdown to feel like they’re enjoying cocktails from a bar at home.’

Collins said Boxtails have been well received by liquor stores both in Australia and New Zealand.

“The reaction to the range has been super positive, the trade are excited for some innovation within RTDs,” he said. “All three flavours launch into 1000 BWS stores this week and we have a full container of product about to leave for New Zealand.”

Boxtails are available to purchase at BWS for RRP $29.99 or two for $50. For more information, visit

Basic Babe expands canned cocktail range

Basic Babe is also expanding its canned cocktail range, which was released in April. Cocktails by Basic Babe kicked off with two classic formulations – Raspberry & Lime Margarita and Mojito – which Collins said have been performing well.

“We have been relentless in ensuring each cocktail maintains a full flavour and smooth, consistent mouth feel,” he explained. “We have worked tirelessly on our flavour profiles, and we believe we have achieved the best tasting cocktails giving our consumers the bar experience from wherever they choose.

“We have just produced three new flavours: Pink Gin Daiquiri, Pineapple & Orange Mai Tai and a Passionfruit Martini. These start to hit shelves over the coming weeks.” 

Reich Westerlund joins Basic Babe

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