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France’s No.1 Champagne expands Aussie distribution

France’s most popular bubbles – Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte – have become more widely available in Australia. 

Nicolas Feuillatte is the number one selling Champagne in France and has been for more than 10 years, and is the third best-selling Champagne in the whole world. Its champagnes have been hard to find in Australia, but are now available in Dan Murphy’s stores across the country.

“If you order a glass of champagne in a bar in Paris, you will likely be served a glass of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte,” Dan Murphy’s Direct Import Champagne Buyer Anne-Charlotte Ferrari said.

Ferrari was born and raised in the Champagne region in France – so she knows a thing or two about bubbles – and she always has a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte (pronounced Foy-uaht) in the fridge at her home in Sydney. 

“Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte is the ‘house Champagne’ of France because it is consistently well-made, is incredible value for the quality of Champagne and you support thousands of grape growers by enjoying it,” she said. 

When it comes to style, Ferrari describes the Champagne as delicate, precise and elegant, reflecting the savoir-faire of Chief Winemaker Guillaume Roffiaen, a master in the Art of Blending.

“It is a light, almost ethereal champagne and pairs perfectly with a cheese platter, seafood or simply on its own,” she added. 

The Champagne House operates as a cooperative model and is the largest in France; one third of grape growers in the Champagne region are members.

“This means that the Champagne house has access to a wide palette of premium grapes from thousands of grape growers,” Ferrari explained. 

Nicolas Feuillatte is exclusively available at Dan Murphy’s. The Selection Brut Champagne is $49.99 per bottle, while the Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Grande Reserve Rose is $69.99.

Champagne shortage? No problem for Nicolas Feuillatte

When Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte recently heard about the champagne shortage crisis bubbling up in the Hamptons, NY, it organised a rush delivery via helicopter, a fleet of trucks and dinghy boats, expediting several cases to various restaurants and bars just in time for Labor Day Weekend.

The Champagne House noted that it’s also prepared for the global shortage of bubbles that’s been sparked by an unexpected velocity in sales, with bottles flying off the shelves and an overall supply chain under stress.

“We have always believed that you don’t need a special occasion to drink Champagne,” said CEO Christophe Juarez. “Our quality is incredible, and our price is accessible, giving consumers a chance to pop a bottle to celebrate, whatever the reason. We knew that this messaging would resonate, especially given everything we have faced together throughout this pandemic. Rest assured, no occasion, be it a major holiday or a random Tuesday night, will go bubble-less on our watch. Champagne shortage? Non, merci.”

Tasting notes

Nicolas Feuillatte Selection Brut Champagne

An extremely well-balanced, wonderfully refined and light Champagne. Sélection Brut releases aromas of white fruit, apple and raspberry. Two to three years cellar-ageing brings lovely balance, while maintaining appealing freshness.

Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Grande Reserve Rose

A harmonious blend of 10% chardonnay imparting elegance and finesse, 45% pinot noir for roundness and structure and 45% meunier for fruitiness and soft, supple character. Evoking pure fruit, this Rosé Champagne can be savoured as an aperitif and is equally at home all year round with charcuterie, smoked salmon or the more classic match of red berry fruit desserts.

Australia leads the world in Champagne sales growth

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