CUB sends five million schooners to Sydney

CUB is raising a glass to Sydneysiders for rolling up their sleeves and doing their bit to help the city reopen, by sending 50,000 kegs of fresh beer – equivalent to nearly 6 million schooners – to restock venues.

Today is a particularly special day for Sydney’s pubs and clubs. They’re at the heart of their communities, but have been pushed to the brink by lockdown.

Venues have finally opened their doors again today after 114 days of lockdown, and the schooners are expected to flow into the night.

CUB has ramped up production to ensure Sydney is well-stocked with fresh beer in coming weeks. Its Yatala Brewery in Queensland is brewing an extra 50,000 kegs of beer this month, including Great Northern, Victoria Bitter and Resch’s, which is being driven into the city by dozens of trucks.

These kegs contain around 2.5 million litres of fresh beer and production will ramp up even higher in the warmer months as restrictions ease.

Re-supplying some of Australia’s most popular beers into nearly every pub and club throughout Sydney has been a major logistical exercise, but it’s one CUB says its been thrilled to do.

“It is now tremendously important for people to come together and support their local venues in a safe way – to protect the community, keep the momentum going and help ensure more restrictions can be lifted soon,” the brewer noted.

“Cheers to Sydney! We hope the whole city gets to enjoy this special day in a safe and responsible way. And that all Sydney beer lovers get to do so with a glass of their favourite draught beer in hand.”

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