The top 10 most searched gin brands

October 17 is International Gin & Tonic Day and online retailer IWOOT is celebrating by crunching the numbers to reveal the world’s most searched for gin brands.

According to Google Trends, gin is the most searched for liquor compared to other popular spirits, such as whiskey, rum, vodka and tequila. Searches for the top 10 gin brands are up 80% year on year. Hendricks is the most searched for gin brand with 468,764 searches globally, followed by Tanqueray and Gordons.

As for the most popular gin flavours, combining the number of times each flavour was hashtagged on Instagram and monthly search volume, helped to determine the overall rankings, with pink gin reigning supreme. It also took the prize for the flavour of gin that has been posted the most times on Instagram, coming out with a total of 239,791 hashtags in total.

IWOOT analysis also showed that ‘alcohol free gin’ is also an extremely popular term, with 2119 hashtags on Instagram, and 10th on the overall popularity list.

The world’s most popular gin brands

  1. Hendricks Gin – 468,764
  2. Tanqueray Gin – 304,088
  3. Gordons Gin – 194,039
  4. Beefeater Gin – 163,732
  5. Bombay Gin – 147,849
  6. Roku Gin – 151,271
  7. Aviation Gin – 120,074
  8. Malfy Gin – 95,100
  9. Empress Gin – 82,589
  10. Whitley Neill Gin – 70,706

Based on the Spirits Business Brand Champions 2021 report, Hendricks is the seventh biggest selling gin brand in the world, with Gordon’s taking out the top spot, with 6.7million cases sold in 2020. 

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