The world’s most Googled beers

New research data has revealed that Corona is the most Googled beer in the world, with 62 out of 188 countries in the world searching it most, including Australia.

While some have derided the validity of it being at No.1, suggesting it’s because people are actually seeking information about the global pandemic, the term “Corona beer” is searched globally 115,000 times each month. In the US it receives an average of 42,000 searches every month, Germany Googles the beer around 22,000 per month, and it rates highest in the UK, Japan and Australia too.

Heineken is the second most searched globally, ranking as the most Googled in 20 countries, including Brazil, where it receives 73,000 searches each month, Russia and Egypt.

Lion’s XXXX is the most searched in 12 countries, making it third on the list (although Wine Searcher suggests it might be for a reason other than being a popular beer …).

Tiger is close behind in fourth, topping the search rankings in 10 countries, attracting on average 15,000 monthly searches in Vietnam. It also ranks as the most searched beer in its home country, Singapore.

Budweiser, while estimated to be the highest valued beer brand in the world in 2020 – worth around $14 billion dollars – is only the most searched in just two countries – Botswana and Croatia.

The analysis was conducted by Maxima Kitchen Equipment, which said: “Beer is one of the world’s favourite drinks, and it’s fascinating to see which brands are attracting the most Google searches around the world. The brands at the top of the list will hope they can convert those searches into sales.”

Corona crowned World’s Most Valuable Beer Brand

In June, Brand Finance announced Corona had retained the title of the world’s most valuable beer brand, despite recording a 28% drop in brand value to US$5.8 billion. As the bestselling imported drink in the United States, with an additional presence in over 120 countries, the Mexican brand has also recently become one of the fastest growing grocery products in the United Kingdom.

Corona beer

Belgian beer brand, Michelob was the fastest growing brand, climbing 13 spots in the ranking following an impressive 39% brand value growth to US$1.2 billion. Over the last year, the brand has cemented its position as an innovative presence within the sector through its digital-based “Ultra Beer Run” campaign – an initiative that offers free beer as a reward for exercising.

Australian brand, XXXX (brand value US$743 million), and Spain’s Estrella Damm (brand value US$1.0 billion) were the second and third fastest growing brands, up 37% and 31% respectively. 

TikTok trend turns bottle of Corona into a cocktail

Inspired by the classic Tequila Sunrise cocktail, TikTok users are obsessed with making Corona Sunrises. All you need is a bottle of Corona, some tequila, orange juice, grenadine and a lime wedge. 

Watch below:


Y’all need to try this now 🤤 #coronasunrise

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