Spending down in Sydney & Melbourne on-premise

New data from Fonto shows spending has slowed in the Sydney and Melbourne on-premise following the cities reopening.

“The further easing of restrictions in Sydney did not positively impact on-premise activity,” said Jon O’Loughlin, Head of Client Development at Fonto. “It’s not a cause for concern. Possibly the result of the week being just prior to most people’s payday, we saw more marginally more people going out, but they spent less and went out less frequently than the previous week. Off-premise was also slightly down for the second week running.”

O’Loughlin said on-premise activity in Melbourne “also stalled” last week.

“While the payday effect could have played a part, this is also likely a result of the end of Melbourne Cup, as those who went out in Cup week, then opted to not go out the following week,” he noted.

“In addition, off-premise also decreased following Melburnians celebrating Cup week with BBQs, picnics and at home. Off-premise sales have softened with activity returning closer to pre-lockdown levels.”

Fonto has been offering free access to its weekly transactional data, covering both on-premise and off-premise categories to help the drinks industry get immediate insights around on- and off-premise activity during the NSW and Victorian reopenings.

“We know people will have lots of questions about on-premise activity – who is venturing out, where are they spending, how much are they spending etc – and whether it will have an impact on off-premise purchasing,” O’Loughlin said.

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Is the party over in the Sydney on-premise?

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