Bottle shop devoted to female-led brands launches

A boutique bottle shop dedicated to female-led alcohol has launched in Australia. Called SIP’ER, it was born from a love of drinking delicious drinks and hearing about the women that created them.

Co-founders Jenny Cheng and Bree Nicholls (pictured main) are on a mission to make it easy to discover and support women in the industry.

SIP’ER is an online bottle store celebrating her-led alcohol. Split across e-commerce and organic content pieces with the producers, the site makes it easy to discover the stories behind the labels and directly purchase boutique beers, wines and spirits, all in one place.

In a historically male-dominated industry, SIP’ER hopes to shine a light on female producers, delving into their personalities with conversational style interviews, relatable stories and product recommendations from the women

The online bottle shop currently stocks more than 30 Australian brands on the site, including natural wines, craft beers and small-batch distilled spirits with new products added each month, alongside their own SIP’ER merch. Brands like Brave New Wine, Applewood and Unico Zelo can all be found on SIP’ER.

Each product has down-to-earth tasting notes, giving customers situational advice as to when and how they should be sipping.

Cheng and Nicholls felt this was important when starting SIP’ER, as alcohol can often be intimidating for those that don’t understand the technical side of things.

“We wanted to create approachable tasting notes that weren’t about tannins or hops,” they said. “Our backgrounds aren’t in alcohol, we just know what we like drinking and want to make it easy for people to find something they will enjoy. The aim was to encourage people to try something different, discover new brands, while also giving women some well-deserved recognition!”

SIP’ER officially launched in Australia this week, shipping nationally. Head over to

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