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World-first hard seltzer with caffeine launches

Gold Coast hard seltzer brand Hard FIZZ is releasing what’s thought to be world’s first hard seltzer containing natural caffeine, FIZZ X.

FIZZ X is strawberry and grape flavoured, with green coffee bean extract.

“We are absolutely rapt to release FIZZ X, it’s been a long time coming,” Chief of FIZZ, Wade Tiller said. “This is 100% in response to market demands. Younger consumers were crying out for a seltzer that tasted like a party but was still 99% sugar free.”

FIZZ X has a 5% alcohol content so is slightly stronger than its other flavours, and comes with the tagline: ‘Ready to flare’, suggesting it’s very much aimed at a more upbeat crowd.

The caffeine fuelled seltzer will be ranged in more than 150 stores around the country from Boxing Day and that will double to 300 by the end of January.

The launch dovetails with a prediction by beverage development company Flavorman that hard seltzer flavours will need to go big and bold in 2022.

“Client requests have taken a 180-degree turn on flavor, especially where seltzers and sparkling waters are concerned,” said Tom Gibson, Flavorman’s Chief Flavorist. “Whereas before, clients would be looking for a gentler spritz of nuanced flavors in their drink, we are now seeing more clients ask for loud and proud, single-note flavours.”

Hard FIZZ hits the top 5

Hard FIZZ has only been around for 12 months but is already in the top five seltzers in Australia, based on retail sales.

The crew behind Hard FIZZ includes international DJs Paul Fisher (pictured main), Brooke Evers and Tigerlily; surfers Laura Enever and Nikki Van Dijk; celebrity chef Hayden Quinn; as well as hospitality heavyweights, Billy and Jackie Cross.

Locations for sampling FIZZ X can be found using the FIZZ Finder website but those eager to taste it early can do so at FIZZ HQ, where the flavour is on tap.

FIZZ HQ opened on the Gold Coast earlier this month. It’s understood to be the world’s first ‘immersive’ seltzer brewery, allowing patrons to enjoy a cold FIZZ and fare including poke bowls and bao buns.

“It’s been an incredible couple of weeks,” Tiller said. “What we wanted to do was bring some energy and good times to the Gold Coast and I definitely think we’ve done that. We’ve got a lot coming up in 2022 and we can’t wait to share that with everyone.”

Australia’s first seltzer brewery opens on Gold Coast

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