Australia’s first seltzer brewery opens on Gold Coast

The world’s first immersive hard seltzer brewery has opened on the Gold Coast: Fizz HQ.

Hard FIZZ has just opened its new FIZZ HQ in Miami, serving up its range of seltzer on tap, with plans to allow patrons to brew their own personalised flavour.

The opening comes as IWSR predicts the Australian seltzer market will grow 24% by 2025, driven by consumer demand for flavourful drinks with “better-for-you” attributes.

Chief of FIZZ Wade Tiller said he is excited to pull back the curtain on the Coast’s newest hang out spot.

“Seltzer is most definitely the drink of choice around the world at the moment but we’re proudly Gold Coast and are so stoked to be keeping it here in our hometown,” he explained. “If you’re looking for a cool place to hang out, enjoy a tasty FIZZ or two with friends and check out how we make it, then FIZZ HQ is where it’ll be at this summer.”

The crew behind Hard FIZZ includes international DJs Paul Fisher, Brooke Evers and Tigerlily; surfers Laura Enever and Nikki Van Dijk; celebrity chef Hayden Quinn; as well as hospitality heavyweights, Billy and Jackie Cross.

Barely a year after launching, the brand is already up to fifth in the seltzer category with $7.5 million in national retail sales. It’s also stocked in more than 3000 outlets around the country, and looking to be exported to at least 28 countries.

“It’s been an incredible 12 months,” Tiller said. “From the time we started tapping our mates on the shoulder to see if they wanted to be involved, to seeing the product in our favourite bars and bottle shops in Australia, it’s been a heck of a ride
but one we’re definitely enjoying. We just want to be synonymous with fun and I think we’re doing that.”

Hard FIZZ’s big sell is that it only has 77 calories per can (and one standard drink) so consumers can stay health conscious without going alcohol free entirely.

“It’s fizzy on the lips and light on the rig,” Tiller said. “Our target market is 25 and older and that demographic isn’t out to get totally wasted.”

FIZZ HQ will be open to the public from midday till 9PM Thursday to Sunday. As well as serving up a rotating series of FIZZ flavours not available to the market, FIZZ HQ is also partnering with a number of Gold Coast beer brewers and artisan spirit distillers to give patrons a wide variety of drinks to sip on.

Gold Coast favourite Mr Consistent also has a FIZZ flavoured cocktail on tap at the venue. Poke bowls and bao buns, as well as shared platters, will be among the food offerings.

In addition, FIZZ HQ will be the new go to spot for live music on the Gold Coast, with a roster of up and coming DJs with carefully curated soundtracks to suit whatever vibe the venue is cranking.

Grammy nominated DJ and part owner Paul Fisher said he’s excited to be supporting local talent.

“It’s all about having fun,” he explained. “I think back to when I was starting out and FIZZ HQ is the perfect place for kids to start cranking it.”

Hard FIZZ marketing guru, Joel Scott concluded: “With music in our roots, we thought it was important to make it a feature of our new home,” he said. “FIZZ HQ will be showcasing local talent who’ve been keeping us vibing since we launched Hard FIZZ a year ago.”

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