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Gin O’Clock launches three RTDs

Pinnacle Drinks has launched the Gin O’Clock range, with three RTDs: Timeless G&T, Sugar Free G&T and Pink Gin & Soda.

“We continue to see more Australian consumers experiment with pre-mixed gin and they are finding new occasions to enjoy this convenient and refreshing beverage,” said Senior Brand Manager for Gin O’Clock, Elle Lewis.

“As such we wanted to create gin RTDs that were perfect for the Australian summer and convenient for those entertaining at home – a trend that’s only increased during the last two years.”

Lewis said Pinnacle Drinks was excited to have the Gin O’Clock range stocked in Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores
nationwide, as “there’s no doubt that Australians love their gin”.

“While the Timeless G&T is a classic favourite, the Pink Gin and Soda has been a trend we’ve seen increasing in popularity in Australia,” she explained. “This perfect blend of pink gin and sparkling soda with summer berry zest, is the ultimate sundowner and one we knew would be popular among Aussie consumers.

“In addition, the range also offers a low-calorie option with the Sugar Free G&T. Tonic is often seen as a beverage that
has a higher sugar content so we wanted to cater those who were making more conscious purchase decisions with their beverages. Having this range of three different skus, each with their own unique offering, allows us to target different
occasions as well as different shoppers.”

Encased in blue, peachy pink and pearl white cans with a sunset illustration, the Gin O’Clock range comes in four packs for $19 from your local Dan Murphy’s or BWS.

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