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Idle Hour launches premium RTD range

Idle Hour has launched a new range of native inspired, premium RTDs that tap into two of the hottest trends in drinks: vodka and canned cocktails.

The Idle Hour Vodka + Soda range blends Idle Hour rye vodka with soda water and local Australian flavours and hits shelves across the country this month just in time for the festival season.

Its release follows a recent research report showing the global market demand for vodka will increase by 1.45% YOY in 2021, while revenue growth for the RTD category within Australia grew by 2.4% during 2020-21

As the Wall Street Journal notes “for years, vodka hasn’t gotten much love from mixologists … yet the drinking public adores it”.

“With ’90s-era drinks like the Espresso Martini making a comeback, it seems mixologists will have to give the people what they want. The best of today’s vodkas offer character, versatility and artisanal excellence.”

Idle Hour co-founder and director Ewen Pettit agrees: “The vodka renaissance is upon us. Vodka is on the verge of a massive resurgence and we have created something truly unique for the Australian market.”

Pettit, whose background includes stints working with American hard seltzer brand White Claw as well as Heineken and Pernod Ricard, and his all-star team including marketing leads from Red Bull, Monster and Balter sees the Idle Hour RTD as the new frontier. 

Pushing back against the conventions of traditional vodka RTDs, the Idle Hour range has been crafted to accentuate the taste of the locally sourced rye vodka, alongside subtle fruit and natural botanical flavours. The range features native inspired flavours including Lime & Bramblebush, Passionfruit & Lemon Myrtle, Wild Peach & Grapefruit and Apple & Ginger. 

“We know the demand is there” said Pettit, referencing the increase in vodka consumption by 6.7% YOY across Australia, “We sought to bring something new and inspired to Australians this season”. 

Available in 330ml cans at 5% ABV, Idle Hour’s Vodka + Soda range sits as a unique product offering on shelves designed to appeal to both genders, a rarity within the vodka category which traditionally skews female within RTDs. 

“The design speaks to Aussies as a whole, not specific genders or ages,” said Lachie Goldsworthy, co-founder and creative director.

Beyond this, with just over 100 calories and zero added sugar, the Idle Hour Vodka + Soda range is set to appeal to a more health-conscious drinker. 

Idle Hour’s new RTD range is launching across the country from January and is available through Craft Revolution and leading wholesalers.

Idle Hour Vodka secures national distribution with Craft Revolution

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