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Taylor Made cocktail fuses Australia’s hottest drinks trends

Australia’s top cocktail bar, Maybe Sammy, joined forces with Taylor Made Wines to meld two of Australia’s most popular tipples – the Negroni and Rosé – in one delicious glass.

Last year, Maybe Sammy taught cocktail enthusiasts how to make two cocktails using two Taylor Made wines – Prosecco and Malbec – as the key ingredients during a Facebook Live event on Taylor Made Wines’ Facebook page.

The cocktails were such a hit that Taylors has followed them up with the Taylor Made Rosé Negroni Spritz.

Wine and spirits may seem an unusual pairing, but wine cocktails are on the rise in mixology – you’ve probably sipped a cocktail or two featuring sparkling wine – Mimosas, Bellinis and Kir Royales are perennial favourites, while the Aperol Spritz has recently taken Australia by storm and the Negroni Sbagliato adds a bubbly twist to the classic.

Still wine, on the other hand, is a less common cocktail component. It’s mostly associated with sangria and mulled drinks, but it’s also delicious when added to cocktails including the New York Sour and Claret Flip.

As Food & Wine notes: “Consider the jammy blackberry notes in Shiraz or the bursts of black cherry in Cabernet; imagine how perfectly a little ripe pineapple might blend with the right Chardonnay. And don’t forget to explore the realms of fortified and aromatized wines—vermouths, sherries, ports, and so on. Savvy bartenders have noticed these possibilities.”

Here’s how to make a Taylor Made Rosé Negroni Spritz at home.

Rose Negroni Spritz

  • 60ml Taylor Made Pinot Noir Rosé
  • 20ml Gin (Maybe Sammy recommends Ester Dry Gin from Sydney)
  • 10ml Rhubarb Liqueur (Maybe Sammy recommends Rhub Mistelle from Victoria)
  • 10ml Raspberry Liqueur (Maybe Sammy recommends Distillery Botanica Raspberry Liqueur from Central Coast, NSW)
  • 5ml Rose Geranium Syrup (or rose flavoured syrup)
  • Fever Tree Soda (to finish)

METHOD: To start, fill your glass with ice and leave to one side. Measure and pour all ingredients (aside from the soda) in your mixing vessel together with ice, and stir for around 30 seconds until the liquid is icy cold. Strain the mix into your frozen glass over ice. Top with soda and garnish if you feel so inclined. If you prefer a fizz-free tipple, strain into a coupette or into an ice-filled Negroni glass.

According to Taylors, Taylor Made Pinot Noir Rosé is ideal to be enjoyed on its own or mixed into a deliciously refreshing wine cocktail. This award-winning Provence-style rosé, made using grapes from the Adelaide Hills, offers vibrant red fruits, delicate floral notes, and crisp acidity. RRP: $25

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