April Fool’s Day 2022: all the best drinks pranks

Let’s face it, we all needed a laugh on April Fool’s Day after the events of the last few years. And brands came out in full force on April 1 with pranks.

But why do brands and agencies put in the effort? According to DigiDay: “The April Fools’ prank is an easy way for brands to get attention, show their personality and prove they can have a sense of humour, according to marketers, agency execs and PR professionals who’ve worked on the stunts. It’s also an easy way for brands to test out off-the-wall or zany ideas that they’re unsure of to see if there’s interest and potentially convert said ideas into a reality.”

“A lot of agencies are really good at using April Fools’ to sell that one crazy idea that’s totally off-brand,” said Craig Elimeliah, executive creative director at VMLY&R. “It’s kind of like brand Halloween – it’s a day they get to dress up and do something a little bit differently.”  

Here are some of the best drink industry pranks for 2022.

Whisky Loot wrote on Instagram: “Introducing the newest improvement to our Whisky Loot subscription, and a play on the popular ‘Farm to Table’ dining trend, your monthly drams will now arrive in 60ml mini barrels!

“We’ve been working hard with our distillers and suppliers to ensure that you get the most authentic tasting experience possible from the comfort of your home, and we are so excited that Whisky Loot subscribers will now be able to taste their monthly whiskies straight from the barrel that they were aged in.

“Expect a mixture of American White Oak, Maple and French Oak casks, as well as ex-bourbon or sherry barrels too 🌿 Our tasting notes will now also include details about further aging of your whisky each month – the next step in your immersive experience to becoming a whisky expert.”

Debortoli Wines wrote on Instagram: “The secret is out! With years in the making we have been working to cultivate a special white grape called The De Bortoli Grape. This variety has been crucial in creating our new product – White Wine that’s actually white! Available today only.⁠”

Nip of Courage noted on Instagram: “We have taken our delivery service to the sky with today’s launch of a new dram by drone delivery service for Australia’s metro areas.

“We’ve partnered with a leading drone on-demand delivery service to deliver discerning drinkers dram’s on demand. “It is very exciting to be using this state of the art, new technology” Stated Kathleen Davies, Founder of @nipofcourage, “I cannot wait to share this service with our customers.

“The most difficult part of this new venture was seeking approval from air traffic control to fly the drones under the flight path of commercial aircraft” Stated the marketing manager of @nipofcourage Brooke Apps, “Once we agreed to let them be our testers and have drams delivered to them, they saw the benefit”

“Customers can order a dram (or two) of their favourite Australian spirit online and select ‘drone delivery’ at checkout to take advantage of this new service starting today. Order must be received before 12pm for same day drone delivery.”

Jimmy Brings chose April Fool’s Day to reveal its $1.4 million expansion into loungewear with its debut garment, the Wine Proof tracksuit. The tracksuit is a garment which protects from spills and swills with its unique wine wicking abilities, while being comfortable and breathable for everyday wear. The one-size-fits-all garment comes in Jimmy Brings’ lavender colour palette and is priced at $150. The garment is available for purchase in April via the Jimmy Brings website and app. Watch the video here.

Remedy Drinks pranked on Instagram: “THE KOMBUCHA KREAM EGG IS FINALLY HERE. We wanted to make Easter a little more *cultured* this year, so we created the egg of your dreams. A creamy chocolate facade masquerades a creamy and oh-so gooey kombucha-flavoured soft centre. Our Remedy Kombucha Kream Egg will surprise and delight.”

AVC posted on LinkedIn with: “Introducing Lé Pub Parma Therapy by AVC, a timeless scent fit for pub lovers. With radiant notes of melted mozzarella, rich sugo and the warmth of smoked ham – be instantly transported to your favourite local with a single spritz. *Not for sale. **This would be gross. ***But our parmas are delicious.”

Icelandic vodka brand Reyka has kicked off a new campaign promoting a product “at the intersection of Icelandic and American passions.” Bringing together the Icelandic pastime of bathing in hot springs and the American staple of hot dog cookouts, it has unveiled the Pylsur Plunge, the world’s first-ever hot dog hot tub (‘pylsur’ is Icelandic for ‘hot dog’).

An Icelandic-style hot tub, the Pylsur Plunge can reach temperatures up to 40°C, which the brand says is ideal for relaxing aching muscles as well as cooking hot dogs. Constructed sturdily with a spacious wooden shell, there is plenty of room for hot dog buns, condiments and vodka-based cocktails. The brand claims the tub fits four comfortably and will be made available starting today, “wherever meat-based bathing products are sold.”

“Icelanders love hot springs. Americans love hot tubs. And we both love hot dogs – in Iceland, we call them Pylsur,” said the brand.

Beer brand Busch Light combined April Fools’ with upcoming Earth Day for a real product called the Pee in a Busch Kit. The idea is to convince beer drinkers to pee into empty cans that can then be disposed of, rather than urinate on trees. When lots of campers pee on trees, it can have a negative impact on the environment. Available in black or blue for $20, the kit includes a pee funnel, a carrying case and can lids to keep you from accidentally drinking the used containers, with proceeds going to One Tree Planted, an organisation focused on reforestation.

Teeling Irish Whiskey wrote on Instagram: “We are delighted to announce that our new micro Teeling Distillery is approved and producing spirit. The first of its kind in the world, hours of work went in to building our new state of the art distillery. With an output of 1 bottle a year, our new distillery bottlings are sure to be some of the rarest Irish whiskeys in the world!”

Budweiser’s beloved Clydesdales have long graced Super Bowl screens, but now Budweiser is taking the horsing around to a new level. The brand announced its new Budbnb. Priming “the ultimate hotel experience,” fans can now stay in a Budweiser Clydesdale stable — which comes equipped with a fully-stocked bar — for the low price of $1,876 per night.

To promote the “hay-cation” opportunity, the brand shared images across its social platforms advertising the perks of the stay and the beautiful features of the property — from “king-sized hay beds” to “original brick and stained glass windows” that “transport you to 1885.”

Bud Light went in a more historic direction for April Fools’. The Bud Light Seltzer Really Really Retro Pack is aimed at Bridgerton fans who enjoy some regency romance. The fake flavours include afternoon tea, courtship cocktail, queen cake and duke delight.

Campo Viejo Juntos supposedly contains both white and red wine – but not mixed! Juntos, meaning ‘together’ in Spanish is apparently “ideal for barbecues”.

Campo Viejo says the right half of its “wed” (white and red) wine bottle contains hints of citrus, tropical fruit and floral notes, to be paired perfectly with seafood, fried fish and salads, while the left half has hints of cherry, strawberry, plum and soft toasted notes that make this red a treat to be paired with beef, pasta, chicken, salmon and fresh light cheeses, as well as vegetarian options, such as shakshuka. 

Hendrick’s introduced the Hendrick’s Hot Air Express on April 1.

The distiller said: “This summer, we are turning rush hour into happy hour with the launch of floating sky bars, transporting NYC dwellers from the city to the airport (or somewhere nearby- hot-air-balloon travel is not an exact science).

“Travellers are invited to swap endless traffic and dreadful gas prices for a marvelously inefficient happy hour adventure featuring awe-inspiring views of New York City and tantalizing Hendrick’s cocktails.”

And, finally, fancy some carbonated chicken-flavoured fizz from Tango?

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