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Tribe Breweries unveils Wilde Hop Water & non-alcoholic isotonic beer

Tribe Breweries’ drinks brand Wilde has launched a sparkling hop water and Australia’s first non-alcoholic isotonic beer.

Wilde Isotonic is naturally brewed and tastes just like a regular beer. However, it replenishes those who consume it by adding lost electrolytes and essential vitamins. The sports-drink alternative targets those seeking refreshment post exercise, drinking at festivals or as a ‘beer back’ between alcoholic beverages at the pub.

According to Tribe, unlike any other sports drinks or electrolyte beers on the market, Wilde Isotonic is naturally brewed and due to its tonicity, it can be absorbed much faster in the bloodstream. It also is made with more complex carbohydrates and has 50% less sugar than other standard sports drinks.

Wilde Isotonic contains electrolytes, B1, B3 and B9 vitamins. It also contains 50% less sugar than other sports drinks, is vegan friendly and contains less than 90 calories per can and zero preservatives. Brewed as a non-alcoholic Australian pale ale, it has a full-bodied malt character and tropical passionfruit and pear aromas. It pours light golden with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Wilde Isotonic has a RRP of $15.99 per 4-pack and is available at Dan Murphy’s and independent retailers.

Wilde has also launched a non-alcoholic, sparkling hop water called Wilde Guru. Wilde Guru is infused with real beer hops giving it the slight bitterness and hop aroma of a beer, with zero alcohol, calories and carbs.

Wilde Guru has launched in Australia nationwide, packaged together in a highly unique pack featuring psychedelic patterns, colours and typography. Wilde Guru is now available in Natural, and Lemon & Lime flavours through Dan Murphy’s nationally with a RRP: $11.99 per 4-pack.

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