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3 classic beers make a comeback

Demand from beer lovers has led Carlton & United Breweries to bring back three classic beers: Reschs Dinner Ale, Melbourne’s Richmond Lager and Cairns Draught.

Each brand is making a comeback in their home state for a limited time, following the rise in popularity of local beers during the pandemic.

CUB marketing manager Marc Lord said: “During the uncertainty of the pandemic many beer lovers have felt a strong sense of nostalgia and that is set to continue. Beer lovers have long been calling for the Cairns Draught, Reschs Dinner Ale and Richmond Lager classics to be revived. The people have spoken – and we’ve listened.”

Reschs Dinner Ale, known by fans as DA, was first made in Sydney in the early 1900s and last known sales were in 1996. A long-running campaign by the Reschs Appreciation Society saw iconic Reschs Silver Bullet cans returned to NSW bottleshops last year and now the passionate society has notched up another victory with the return of the Dinner Ale.

Queensland’s Cairns Draught, “The north’s own beer”, was released in 1925 as the first draught beer on the market. Tasting similar to Carlton Draught, the beer was hugely popular – thirst-quenching in the hot and humid climate. The beer was last brewed in 1996.

Richmond Lager is perhaps lesser-known, but no less popular among its fans. Initially brewed in 1928, Richmond Lager helped to transform the way beer is made in Australia as one of the first to embrace new technology. It was initially brewed in small quantities, but it quickly became renowned for its quality and soon couldn’t be made fast enough. Production ceased in 1962 but it’s since been released in very limited numbers from time to time.

All three beers will be available at Liquorland and First Choice bottleshops in their respective state while stocks last.

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