Reeftip announces first brand ambassador

Diageo Australia has announced the first brand ambassador for Reeftip Drinks Co – professional surfer Tyler Wright.

Wright is one of Australia’s most admired athletes – currently competing on the World Surf League tour on home soil – and Diageo said the choice was made for its six-month-old brand because the surfer is an embodiment of Reeftip’s values of integrity, collaboration and partnership, and honest endeavours.

Wright will amplify the brand and its work with The Coral Nurture Program – 10% of Reeftip profits are donated towards regenerating one of the country’s greatest natural assets and the world’s largest coral reef system – The Great Barrier Reef.

As environmental pressures are more pronounced than ever, consumers are increasingly seeking out products that have social responsibility at their core. Diageo said Reeftip has been launched at a time when consumers don’t just want to buy a product; they are interested in brands that allow them to personally make an impact. Recent research highlights 80% of consumers want the brands they buy from to solve society’s problems.

In her role, Wright will work with Reeftip to learn and share with Australians the vitally important work the of the Coral Nurture Program to protect Australia’s beloved Great Barrier Reef. The brand ambassadorship forms part of Reeftip’s ‘year one’ launch to market strategy, alongside a national marketing campaign.

“Partnering with Reeftip was an easy choice,” Wright said. “One of the main reasons was due to its incredible partnership with the Coral Nurture Program – as a young and conscious consumer myself, it’s great to be connected to a brand that gives back to one of the greatest wonders of the world.

“Being educated on the work of the Coral Nurture Program and meeting their team of scientists and innovators was truly special – I’m continuing to gain a better understanding on why it’s hugely important to the long-term sustainability of our treasured reef and ocean health. The chance to develop my knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef and be able to give back is
rewarding, especially as someone who lives and breathes being in the ocean. I’m excited to work with Reeftip and further understand what we can be doing to assist with the environmental crisis we face.”

Professor and Coral Nurture Program co-founder David Suggett said: “We were thrilled by the news that Tyler Wright has come on board to work with Reeftip. With the support of Reeftip and Tyler Wright, we’ll be able to help more people play a part in securing a better future for Australia’s reefs. The Coral Nurture Program has shown us that if we work together and create communities committed to action, we can bring about real and lasting change – including a more sustainable
experience of the reef.”

Reeftip Drinks Co. launched in September 2021 with three ready to drink Aussie spiced rums. Jodi McLeod, Marketing Manager – Reeftip, Diageo Australia, said: “We were looking for a Reeftip ambassador who would truly embody our mission and purpose. We wanted an Australian icon who could help raise awareness for another Australian icon – the Great Barrier Reef.

“Tyler Wright was the perfect fit and a natural alignment for the brand; Tyler will help us educate Aussies on the work of The Coral Nurture Program and how Reeftip is supporting a world-first science and tourism partnership to support the growth of new corals.

“It’s a busy year ahead for Reeftip and Tyler Wright. We are excited to watch her compete internationally and achieve incredible results, both on tour and for the reef!”

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