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Super premium Los Siete Misterios mezcals arrive in Australia

Three super premium mezcals from Los Siete Misterios are coming to Australian shores – Doba-Yej, Pechuga and Tobala.

Los Siete Misterios was founded in 2010 and brings together the passion, traditions and culture of the founders’ Mexican roots to inspire a liquid that seeks to revive the past and integrate it with the present. All production techniques remain traditional, with underground baking, natural fermentation and double distillation with limited production, ensuring heritage and tradition are preserved.

Research from IWSR shows agave spirit sales are set to grow 4.2 per cent annually in the five years through to 2024 across 19 key markets, with premium sales expected to rise 8.8 per cent, hitting nearly $US9 billion in value. Australia is well-positioned for the agave boom, as annual growth across Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, Thailand and Australia), is collectively projected at 8 per cent.

The artisanal Doba-Yej is created in sun-soaked Oaxaca, with the highest quality Espadin agave roasted for distillation in a copper pot still. The result is a bright and floral liquid with beautiful balanced citrus notes, perfect for enjoying neat or in cocktails.

The Pechuga follows the above method in a copper pot still, but with turkey breast and natural spices, which creates a beautiful long, fragrant finish that lingers.

From the sacred traditions of the village Sola de Vega in Oaxaca comes the ancestral Tobala. High quality Tobala agave is roasted for distillation, again in a clay pot still reflecting the making methods of the region. Considered by many to be the crown jewel of agave varietals, Tobala is renowned for its complexity and balance. Notes of tropical fruits, herbs, piloncillo and wet earth are highlighted in a smooth, complex and evolving palate.

A recent 50/50 venture with Los Siete Misterios Founders, Eduardo and Julio Mestre, and global supplier of premium spirits and wine brands, Chatham Imports, will now see Vanguard Luxury Brands importing and distributing the three super-premium mezcals in Australia.

The new partnership, which entails an equity investment by Chatham, will bolster Los Siete Misterios’ production capacity and enhance the brand’s route-to-market globally, including down under. Chatham Imports is the parent company behind Michter’s Distillery, with the partnership solidifying the existing relationship with the Michter’s family and Vanguard Luxury Brands.

General Manager of Vanguard Luxury Brands Danny Connolly said: “Vanguard is very proud to be custodian here in Australia for one of the world’s greatest Mezcals. We share the same values and passions when it comes to producing and distributing the world’s best craft spirits and know how excited our friends in the industry will be to see this on the back-bar.

“We have immense respect for the craft of Mezcal and admiration for Eduardo and Julio Mestre’s well-deserved reputation as leaders in the industry and commitment to producing superb Oaxaca Mezcal ethically and responsibly.”

Los Siete Misterios joins the Vanguard family alongside five other agave sprits: Batanga, Calle 23, Ocho, Fortaleza and Illegal Mezcal. Los Siete Misterios is available nationally from 1 May 2022.

Doba-Yej, RRP: $115; Pechuga, RRP: $485; Tobala, RRP: $499.

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