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Sidewinder expands its low-alcohol beer range

Brick Lane Brewing has announced the release of two fruity new flavours in its low-alcohol Sidewinder range – Lime XPA and Passionfruit XPA.

The beers contain less than 0.5% ABV and are designed to give consumers greater freedom and more options when it comes to enjoying a drink.

Sidewinder Lime XPA delivers a fresh golden haze with aromas of lime juice, orange oil and citrus hops notes reminiscent of grapefruit and lemon, with stone fruit esters obtained during the fermentation process. The flavour is super zingy with fresh lime peel notes supported by medium-low hop bitterness and tropical hop flavours, and biscuity malt character and body.

Sidewinder Passionfruit XPA offers a fresh golden haze with bright aromas of passionfruit, guava and mango immediately present. The flavour is super refreshing with passionfruit paired with a medium-low bitterness and tropical hop flavour, and biscuity malt characters.

Paul Bowker, founder and CEO of Brick Lane, said: “The no and low alcohol segment has well and truly announced its arrival in the Australian beer market. With strong awareness of the benefits of the no and low alcohol segment, consumers are now looking for choice within this space.

“With Sidewinder we are giving everyone the opportunity to explore and enjoy super tasty beers in a variety of styles, be it Hazy Pale, XPA or fruit driven refreshment found in the innovative new Lime and Passionfruit Sidewinders. All these alternatives provide even greater freedom to enjoy beer, including on occasions where a no alcohol version is a better choice.”

Brick Lane has become the fastest growing independent brewer in Australia with a brewing capacity in excess of 20 million litres of beer annually. A $50million investment into the brewery, including a significant capacity expansion completed in early 2022, saw the brewery incorporate technological and engineering approaches new to the Australian beer market, with a fierce focus on sustainability and reducing energy and water requirements.

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