Australian Distilling Co launches Adelaide bartender competition

Australian Distilling Co. will crown the best bartender in Adelaide at its Originals Cocktail Competition later this month.

Finalists for the Originals Cocktail Competition have been selected and include some of Adelaide’s hottest bars such as Haines & Co, Memphis and Bank Street Social.

The competition is split into two rounds with the first taking place on home turf, where the bartender presents their drink to the panel of judges in the bar that they work. The final round then takes place on neutral territory on June 21 with the finalists heading to Adelaide hotspot Bank Street Social to see who will take out the top prize.

“After a tough couple of years for the industry it is great to be back in bars again where you can see the passion, the creativity and the skills of Adelaide’s best bartenders on display,” said Michael Hickinbotham, founder of Australian Distilling Co.

“The Originals Competition is designed to showcase the talents of the city’s bartenders but we also want to give back to the industry.”

The final will be judged by a panel of industry heavyweights including Lee Potter Cavanagh, founder of Bondi’s Rosenbaum & Fuller, a heritage-inspired bar that celebrates Indigenous-owned brands and Australian native ingredients.

“It’s truly exciting to be a part of celebrating Australian spirits and cocktail culture,” said Cavanagh. “We’re looking forward to trying Adelaide’s unique take on the Originals, I’m expecting delicious cocktails with a distinctly Australian flavour.

“The great thing about the two-round format is we can try many of the round one entries in person and take the time to give proper feedback. Then there is the opportunity for the top Originals to really refine their presentation for the final round.

“While taste will be paramount, we are also looking forward to celebrating in-person Australian hospitality that we have missed over the past couple of years; we want to see genuine warmth, Original flavour and a little bit of Aussie cheek.”

The winning bartender will take home a prize of $5000 plus their bar will win 10 litres of Australian Distilling Co. Adelaide Gin.

Stunning launch for Australian Cocktail Month

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