This is where you will find Adelaide’s best bartender

Dan Hayward Jarmyn from Bank Street Social has been crowned Adelaide’s best bartender in the Originals Cocktail Competition.

Competition founder Australian Distilling Co. crowned Jarmyn’s Feijoan Winter cocktail the winner from a finalist group of sixteen bartenders.

The competition encouraged innovation and creativity from some of Adelaide’s most talented bartenders, with entrants hailing from bars including Hains & Co, Memphis Slims and Long Story Short, and tasked with creating their own original drink based on criteria of creativity, skill and flavour.

Between four rounds, the judging panel of industry heavyweights including Lee Potter Cavanagh, Founder of Bondi’s Rosenbaum & Fuller, whittled sixteen finalists down to just two bartenders who competed head-to-head.

“Few industries have been as hard hit by the global pandemic as hospitality. It has endured lockdowns, staff shortages and years of uncertainty but it continues to fight back with an entrepreneurial spirit,” Australian Distilling Co. Founder Michael Hickinbotham said.

“Dan created a drink that surprised and excited the judging panel, and just like our craft spirit business where we reflect on the unique nature of Australia’s cities and regions, our winner showed true originality in creating the Feijoan Winter cocktail” Hickinbotham said.

Fusing Australian Distilling Co.’s Shiraz Gin with the unique flavours of the feijoa fruit, Jarmyn’s drink was created as an ode to winter and a salute to memories of his childhood.

“The cocktail is inspired by my memories of the feijoa tree in the backyard. The Shiraz Gin I incorporated is just incredible, I was very surprised by the sharp and lovely flavour that shone through as the hero of the cocktail,” he said.

Judge Lee Potter Cavanagh commended finalists on their originality and innovation.

“The Originals Cocktail Competition showcased some of the most cutting-edge cocktail talent in the country right now. It is refreshing to see so many newcomers rise to the top,” he said.

As Adelaide’s best bartender, Jarmyn took home a prize pool of $5000 plus 10 litres of Australian Distilling Co. Adelaide Gin for Bank Street Social. Runners up Aleisha Zoumaras of Henley House and Pankaj of Merrymaker took home $1000 and $500 respectively for second and third place.

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