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Mr Black mixes it up with mezcal

Mr Black Spirits has released an innovative marriage of coffee and mezcal called Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur.

Starting life as Mr Black’s iconic coffee liqueur, this special limited edition is then aged in American oak barrels previously used to age mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico. After ageing, it is then fortified with fresh joven mezcal bringing aromatic agave notes to the final blend.

An ancestral agave spirit native to Mexico, mezcal has a more overt flavour than classic tequila styles, and brings notes of nutmeg, spice, and hints of smokey agave.

“What we’ve created here is a spirit with the flavour of authentic, specialty coffee and the toasted, rich notes of 100% espadin mezcal,” said Mr Black founder Tom Baker. “This is one of the most delicious editions we’ve ever made.”

Another fan of the pairing is Mr Black Global Coffee Ambassador Martin Hudak.

“During my travels throughout North America and Mexico, mixing coffee with mezcal has become my own little ritual to
start the night,” he said. “This new special edition is marrying two of my favourite things together, letting me introduce this interesting balanced blend to bartenders far and wide.”

While some drinkers may have tried a coffee/agave hybrid before, Baker and Hudak suggest sipping and savouring the limited release.

“Drink it on the rocks and enjoy the bold coffee notes, nutmeg spice and hints of smokey agave,” said Baker.

Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur Limited edition retails for AUD$75 for a 700ml bottle and is available via the Mr Black website:

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