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Coopers releases its 2022 Vintage Ale

The Coopers brewing team has created its latest seasonal ale – the 2022 Vintage Ale.

It’s the 22nd year that Coopers has produced a unique limited-edition Vintage Ale. This year’s brew is characterised by its hop selection: El Dorado, an American dual-purpose hop with tropical, pear and stonefruit notes and Huell Melon, a German variety delivering fruit and berry flavours. The ale also uses Coopers Pale Malt.

Coopers Managing Director and Chief Brewer Dr Tim Cooper said: “Coopers is this year celebrating our 160th anniversary of brewing and the 2022 Vintage is an outstanding ale befit of the occasion.

“The Coopers Vintage release is much anticipated across Australia every year. This year’s release is a rich, balanced and full-bodied ale with floral and spice characters.

“2022 Vintage Ale is perfect to drink now, or if stored under cellar conditions, it will become more complex over time as the flavours evolve and develop.

“It is best savoured at between 4 and 6C and served in a tulip-shaped glass to bring out the array of flavours and aroma.

“As with every Coopers Vintage release, only a limited number of kegs and cartons are available so drinkers should be prompt to avoid disappointment.”

Like all Coopers ales, the 2022 Vintage Ale undergoes secondary fermentation and natural conditioning with an alcohol level of 7.5% ABV.

Available in 355ml bottles in liquor outlets from late July, in six packs and cartons.

Coopers Brewery goes big to celebrate its 160th anniversary

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