Dilemma for The Kraken fans: free RTDs or NFTs

Rum brand The Kraken has launched a new marketing campaign that offers consumers a choice between digital collectible NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain or a real, free four-pack of Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

While the NFT/crypto market has been getting lots of publicity lately, it’s been for all the wrong reasons. So The Kraken is using this opportunity to poke a bit of fun at them.

It’s giving 200 rum fans the chance to take home a pack of Kraken Rum or an NFT. It’s keen to find out what buyers will find more valuable – the tangible option of a drink or an intangible digital art. 

The average value of an NFT is just $7.50 and only 1% of them sell for over $1500. In fact, The Kraken notes, the vast majority of NFT’s can’t even buy you a meal at McDonald’s.   

A spokesperson for The Kraken told Drinks Digest: “We joined the Metaverse and created these NFTs as a way to go from being a passive participant in culture to being a brand that is an active creator of culture.

“The Kraken is a cult brand, built into our DNA is a tradition of disruption. It’s our way of making the brand distinct from a category that often looks and acts the same.

“Ultimately our objective was to make The Kraken famous, to reach new potential customers in a way that was fun, engaging and made them inquisitive about us. We wanted to have fun with our audience and make them laugh a little while still engaging with our rum.

“The collection merges the art and NFT world with a nautical twist and splash of murderous history and satire, and show their true value really is in the eyes of the beholder.”

To sign up, consumers visit 

Once they click through, they can either make the choice to get a free four-pack Kraken Rum RTDs or go through to OpenSea, an online marketplace to buy and sell digital assets, where they can obtain The Kraken’s NFTs. From there they can ‘mint’ an NFT, which then makes it theirs and it is then stored on the web as an asset and from there it might increase in value.

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