Rumble opens with spiced cocktail menu

A new restaurant at The Star Sydney, Rumble, is mixing modern Asian dishes with a spice-infused cocktail menu.

Rumble is dedicated to celebrating the four classic flavours that permeate Southeast Asian culinary culture – sweet,
salty, spicy, and sour.

The menu takes inspiration from both the dishes served street-side during Head Chef Benjamin Tan’s childhood and his experience in modern kitchens across Asia.

“Unlike the hawker-style street eats many associate with Southeast Asian restaurants, Rumble is all about blending the traditional with the contemporary; paying homage to authentic flavours with fresh seasonal Australian produce and elevated, modern techniques,” Tan said.

“I’m so excited to be sharing some of the incredible multi-cultural dishes I grew up with in a way I hope surprises and delights.”

Menu highlights include a BBQ Pork Belly Bao featuring salted caramel, cashew and sesame, the Rumble Lobster Rolls – rice paper rolls filled with fresh lobster and topped with salmon roe, Wok Tossed Pipis and sweet Thai basil, and a Black Pepper Wagyu Fried Rice.

Diners can also look forward to creative takes on beloved classics that showcase Chef Tan’s passion for combining the old with the new such as the hearty 48-hour Rendang Black Angus Short Ribs infused with the spices of the traditional Malaysian stew and served with butternut squash and kipfler potatoes, and the Ikan Bakar, a Balinese-style baked fish served in banana leaves marinated in sweet tamarind sauce.

And, for a colourful addition, diners can choose to enjoy each main with Rumble’s signature Butterfly Pea Flower Rice – vibrant blue coloured rice lightly flavoured with coconut.

Adding spice to the cocktail menu

At the bar, an inventive cocktail list incorporating a range of spirits infused with spices, herbs, teas and fruits from across the Asian continent, designed to complements Rumble’s four flavour pillars.

Those feeling adventurous can even play a game of Cocktail Roulette with the bartender, choosing from a deck of coasters each reading sweet, salty, sour or spicy to be served a surprise beverage.

Diners can choose from the likes of the sweet Tai Chee in which gin meets blue curaçao, fresh lychee juice and a squeeze of lime, a salty twist to the classic vodka espresso martini in the Oh Lieng which incorporates a Thai spiced espresso base, the sour Mrs Yeoh – a tequila sunrise-style drink with fresh raspberry and butterfly pea, and the spicy Hot in Bangkok, a take on the classic spicy margarita made with lemongrass, fresh chilli and ginger ale. There is also a wide selection of premium local wines and beers from across the Asian continent.

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