Nick Cannon & Ryan Reynolds celebrate Father’s Day with ‘The Vasectomy’

Actor and prolific procreator Nick Cannon has appeared in the latest hilarious Father’s Day ad for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin.

Cannon, who has fathered seven children, including three in 2021, and recently revealed he is expecting more children this year, shows viewers how to make “the mother of all cocktails: ‘The Vasectomy” and quips “Lord knows I need one”.

After a series of failed attempts, the US TV show host manages to successfully create the cocktail recipe, declaring “And that looks like a delicious Vasectomy”.

Then Reynolds makes a surprise appearance and grabs the drink out of his hands, saying “I’ll take it from here, Nick. I have three kids.”

Cannon replies “I have eight”, causing Reynolds to spit out his drink in shock.

The ad ends with the two offering a hug of support towards one another, with Reynolds pointing out: “No wonder you have eight kids! You smell amazing!”

In a recent episode of the Lip Service podcast, Cannon responded to speculation that he has “three babies on the way” by joking “When you say ‘on the way… ‘ What count are you at? Let’s just put it this way … the stork is on the way.”

Reynolds made his first “The Vasectomy” video for Father’s Day 2021.

The actor – who shares three daughters with wife Blake Lively noted in the video: “First, fill a tall glass with ice, the way children fill our lives with so much joy. Next, pour one ounce of cranberry juice—sweet—just like their little smiles. Then, pour three ounces of tonic, so bubbly, just like I feel every day I wake up after a long full night’s sleep.

“Add a dash of lemon juice, fresh if you have a few minutes to squeeze one or store bought if the little ones have you running around a bit today…the little scamps,” he continued. “Finally, we’re gonna add one and a half ounces of Aviation American Gin, the world’s highest-rated gin for the world’s highest-rated job. Dad.”

He takes a swig of the cocktail and says: “Now that is as refreshing as fatherhood. Well, something I call ‘The Vasectomy’ for no reason at all. Happy Father’s Day, everyone.”

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