North Sydney hosts Feast for the Senses

A ‘gastrophysic event’ called Feast for the Senses is coming to North Sydney in September.

The event is a fresh take on the typical ‘food festival’ and embraces a multi-sensory approach that integrates avant-garde food, multi-layered technology and live performances.

Mayor of North Sydney Zoe Baker said: “Council has been committed to revitalising the CBD and in recent years has seen new developments and businesses spring up. The Feast for the Senses event complements that growth and will give the CBD and its businesses a much-needed boost.”

Feast for the Senses will pop up over four days and will include three incredible multi-sensory zones. Guests are invited to explore the fairy tale magic of Once Upon a Time, the otherworld wonders of Space, and an icy experience in the world of Sub Zero.

Each zone will include pop up stalls and kiosks offering incredible themed food bites and drinks. The chef-curated food bites have been designed by Sydney’s most celebrated degustation chef, Nelly Robinson and industry veteran Jack Peacock at Create Catering.

In addition, mixologist-created drinks, production lighting and live performance art will enhance each space.

In the world of Sub Zero, feast on fried chicken with buttermilk snow chilli mayonnaise paired with a hellfire mojito mocktail. In Space, dine on a UFO burger or Saturn Dog whilst sipping on a blueberry vanilla dry tai. Or let your imagination run wild in Once Upon a Time Robinson’s Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti and meatballs, or Peter Pan’s Gold, golden roast pork belly croquettes and aioli matched with a blackberry sour mocktail.

Those with a sweet tooth can get their sugar hit from ‘What Chefs Want’ TV Host (and ex Masterchef Australia contestant) Renae Smith’s hot Cookie Dough Toastie topped with a scoop of ice-cold gelato or sample Nelly Robinson’s famous “Melted Olaf”, carrot cake with mandarin and yoghurt. For the wanna-be astronauts out there, you can also try freeze dried ice-cream
bars, exactly like the ones they eat in space.

To help deliver the sensory gastrophysic experience, each zone at Feast for the Senses will be complemented by roving performance artists combined with multi-layered lighting and special effects.

Feast for the Senses creator Blake Harris said: “Feast for the Senses will join forces with an assortment of local artists and dancers to create a bespoke, magical experience. It will also be a great boost for the event community, particularly after such a tough few years in our industry.”

Feast for the Senses will also be a collaboration with one of Sydney’s most active charities focused on providing employment opportunities for vulnerable community members – Plate it Forward. And it will raise funds to go directly to supporting people suffering food insecurity.

Director of Plate It Forward Shaun Christie-David said: “This collaboration will have huge positive impacts for our team, our communities and all the guests who experience the event to be amazed by the food but know their journey extends beyond to help change people’s lives.”

Feast for the Senses will be held on the first two Fridays and Saturdays of September: 2-3 September and 9-10 September, from 4.30-10pm at Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney.

Entrance to the event is free. Food and drink vouchers can be purchased in advance to avoid missing out (numbers are limited).

Feast for the Senses has been conceptualised off the back of the NSW Government’s $50 million CBD Revitalisation Program.

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